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Residential Clients

Marilyn, Schaumburg, Ill.

"Jane and her team are absolute angels, it was overwhelming to move and downsize and I wasn't sure how I was going to get it all done. One call to Jane and we talked through my project and needs, I knew I found the right solution. Because my project spanned months, I worked with a few different team members to get everything packed up and sorted. Everyone was very nice and helpful and went above and beyond to make sure everything was done. It was such a positive experience and I cannot say enough good things about this team. Now that the move is complete I'm going to be calling Jane again for help organizing at my new place. They have found a lifelong customer!"

Christy, Schaumburg, Ill.

"I was stuck for years and always kept telling myself I would get to it one of these days but never did. Take control while you can. It can seem overwhelming but it comes out okay in the end. Just do it!"

Greg, Glenview, Ill.

"In working with Jane and her team, I have received one of the absolute all time best gifts...we pitched things that I didn't really need, organized the items I did want to keep, and found a way to put it all together in my space in a way that is both beautiful and functional. It is a relief, amazing, and so very helpful."

Sheree, Des Plaines, Ill.

"This has been a cathartic experience and I feel like a weight was lifted off my life as a result. I am impressed and more satisfied than I could imagine and it is worth every penny."

Mary, Elk Grove, Ill.

"I am glad I got in touch, your company was easy to work with and gave me some good strategies for dealing with my stuff. Now that my house is "debulked" I look at my space differently and try to do a little at a time instead of letting things pile up. And I have made some $ selling things I do not need anymore! I still have a little ways to go, but I think I am at a good place. I would definitely call you again if I needed help or recommend you to my friends:-)"

Donovan, Roselle, Ill.

"It was a difficult situation going through a lifetime of my parent’s possessions. Your services were very valuable and you helped me get through everything in a reasonably short time. This process allowed me to capture things that were important and let go of the things that had no value. You did a great job and I am very satisfied! Many thanks for your assistance and support through this difficult process!"

Julie, Oak Park, Ill.

"My experience with Jane her team was as good as it gets. I initially conducted research on professional organizers and reached out to a few companies. Jane responded immediately and presented in a professional manner from start to finish. She explained the process in a thorough manner and emphasized how important it would be for me and my spouse to be on the same page in terms of all of our decluttering decisions. I appreciated that.

Our assigned organizer was hands on. With that said, not once did she make us feel like we "had" to throw/donate anything. She emphasized the importance that we needed to be "ok" with our decisions. Again, much appreciated.

In terms of the price, Jane's team was comparable to the other companies I reached out to as well. The professionalism and personal touch were fantastic. I'd recommend them to anyone wanting assistance, guidance, and support with home reorganization."

Jennifer, Inverness, Ill.

"Seriously, our work together has been more than energizing. I would describe my time with you as transformative."

Jason, Chicago, Ill.

"I'd been hoarding many things over the past 12 years or so and needed a true professional to help me out. We rolled up our sleeves and filled 14 trash bags and reorganized all the closets. I just love my place now that it's manageable. Thank you!"

Betsy, Barrington, Ill.

"I still can't thank you enough for all your help. I learned so much from you, which I use all the time. In fact, just yesterday we were changing some shelves in the basement and I thought of you as I was putting the " like" things together and getting rid of all we still didn't need.
Again thanks so much!"

Marilyn, Wheeling, Ill.

A wise person once told me, "It doesn't matter when you start.  The important thing is to start."  I followed this philosophy to achieve many successes in my life.  I always knew that when I started, I would finish, except when it came to the overwhelming clutter that had collected in my home. 

For a period of 5 years, the people closest to me suffered major health setbacks. I attempted to take care of everybody while running my business and trying to recover from an auto accident which left me with bouts of severe vertigo.  Somehow, during this time my once very organized home became a collection of piles begging to be handled.  I could barely stand to be at home because it was impossible to "start" chipping away at the piles.  It was the first time in my life I felt like if I started, I could never finish. 

Then I met Jane and her talented team of angels.  From the very first time Jane entered my home, she put me at ease and assured me my home would absolutely turn back into a place I was not only comfortable, but a place I loved.  Jane and I discussed a strategic organizing plan that would work in my still too busy life. 

And so, with Jane's help, I started.  The journey was so much more than I ever imagined.  As we tackled each pile, we also healed parts of my life I didn't even know needed healing. While clearing the clutter, we laughed, we cried and then we finished.  I can honestly say I now LOVE my wonderfully "clear" space and every part of my home.

So, if you aren't sure where to start, I urge you to call Jane.  It will be the best call you ever made.

With sincere appreciation and gratitude.

Lia, Chicago, Ill.

“My husband thinks this whole process is totally amazing. He's delighted that I'm able to keep moving on sorting/tossing/organizing, without freaking out about it. The Professional Organizer is a very calming presence for me, and I appreciate her so much.”

Tammy, Wilmette, Ill.

“I've come a long way from the overwhelmed, sobbing client you met nearly a year ago. I think working with you was the turning point in my life! So, thank you for jumpstarting a major life transition that has led to so much happiness. I can't thank you enough...”

Marcia, Grayslake, Ill.

“From first to last, my experience with Jane and her team was more than wonderful. I'd struggled with clutter my whole life, but when I had a serious back injury, I finally recognized that I couldn't do what was necessary and never would.

I couldn't be happier with the organizers, the process and the results. I can find what I need; I know where to put things; and my home has become the warm, inviting, uncluttered place I always wanted it to be. I'm just thrilled with Jane and her team. The organizing process is much easier than I thought it would be. It's really a delightful experience!”

Liz, Chicago, Ill.

“After being apprehensive about getting organizing assistance, I was pleasantly surprised.  The Organizing Specialists were nice, capable, and funny and we accomplished so much the first day that I finished the basement on my own and we tackled our closets the second day we scheduled them.  CLEAN CLOSETS HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE.  What a pleasure it is to get dressed in the morning, to put away laundry, and to further organize the other closets in the house.  They are awesome and worth every penny that it cost.”

Mel, Chicago, Ill.

“You are my angels!”

Larry, West Dundee, Ill.

“You guys are good. I loved our Jane and her team. Tell anyone I said so.”

Pat, Schaumburg, Ill.

I'd like to thank you for the wonderful job you did in helping me to clear out the clutter and organize my condo unit and garage.  We worked well together.  You had great ideas, and I'm so happy with the way things look now.  I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.”

Carol, Vernon Hills, Ill.

WOW! and WOW!  He is thrilled and can not believe how great everything looks!"

Joyceanne, Elgin, Ill.

“I just keep walking into my studio and reveling in all the SPACE that is there. Not to be filled up again, but to be used to PLAY in!  The artist within is alive and well and looking forward to coming out to play again!

I have enjoyed working with you. You are an inspiration to me! It is clear to me that your business is not just about making money for you, but making a huge difference in people's lives, allowing them to find the space to live up to their potential.

Believe me when I say, I shall be singing your praises every chance I get and I shall be telling people how much they need you in their lives as well!"

(Jane and the following client were featured on the CBS Early Show. Check out the video here.)

“Dear Jane, Words cannot express what you have done for all of us. 'Thank You' seems so little compared to what you have done for us. You have changed our whole life, given us light at the end of the tunnel.

My kids and hubby are thrilled, too. They are now saying you have given me the organizing bug. I have finished the furnace room and my bedroom now. The other rooms in the house are next. I went and bought a labeler. Watch out family, everything is going to have a place and things are now going to be put in their place.

Thank you for changing our lives and bringing us more than order, you have brought us peace of mind.

Thanks so much."

Carrie & Jeff, Algonquin, Ill.

“Jane, Trying to manage the clutter and craziness of living in a small townhome with two children and two grown kids (myself and my husband) had become an exercise in futility for our whole family. We had too much STUFF and no where to put it all!

Over the course of a month, with just one three-hour session a week, you helped us reclaim this house, and more important our sense of peace within our space. As my husband has said time and time again, 'Having Jane come out and help us was the best money we've EVER spent!'
I would encourage any family that finds themselves standing in the middle of the house staring at the mess through glazed eyes to call Jane's team. It'll be the best gift you've ever given yourselves!”

Terri, Schaumburg, Ill.
(The following client was featured on an NBC Special Report "Attitudes About Homemaking" by Kim Vatis. Check out the article on the NBC-5 website.)

“I had been struggling for years to 'release' the clutter, and your gentle 'persuasion' was exactly what I needed to jump start the process. I was inundated with paper clutter galore, especially in the kitchen. Working together we were able to tackle the problems, one section at a time. I am amazed every time I walk into my new clutter-free kitchen! My husband, who was very skeptical, is amazed by its transformation every day.

We continued our work in the study, which has been an eyesore for years and the fact that it has beautiful French doors was a problem, because all you saw was the 'out-of-control clutter! Now we have a peaceful retreat that we use to create an atmosphere that 'sparks' creativity and learning! We love our new study. It is still in 'transition,' but know that with your assistance, we will find the storage solutions that will work for us.

Lauren, Northbrook, Ill.

“If you are looking for a fabulous person to help you accomplish your organizational goals, look no further because Jane Carroo is number one. She was so kind, caring, professional and attuned to the process. She really encompasses all the components of the process designed to suit your needs. I will forever remember her tremendous feedback and support."

Debbie, Elk Grove, Ill.

“Jane has an innate talent for knowing when to push and when to stop. Jane asked me what I wanted to do with all these items, and like most overwhelmed with more stuff than space said, “I don't know.” Through gentle coaching she got me to see that I didn't have to throw my stuff away. Jane shared various ways to eliminate the clutter, and in the process, I made some other people very happy.

Jane says that by releasing the old it makes space for the new. I believe that. I know that this is happening to me and it is a rejuvenating and exhilarating experience.

Andreas, Cary, Ill.

“Hi Jane, You are doing great work. I have a lot of respect for that. It is the spiritual aspects of it that command my respect. I am especially surprised by the "psychological" combination that you employ. It is such a powerful balance between physical coercion and individual freedom, - if you know what I mean. I dare say that I have not seen any more powerful combination between physical anchoring, soul healing and spiritual realization, than in the nature of this work."


Moving Clients

Judy, Des Plaines, Ill.

“I was facing a challenging move. The professional organizers were outstanding and went above and beyond all expectations. I recommend them to everyone!"

Mary, Alice, Stella, Diane and countless other nieces and nephews, Mt. Prospect, Ill.

“Our family can't thank you enough for the fabulous job you did in moving our aunt from independent living to assisted living. If we had tackled this without your help, the process would be never-ending. Not only did you amaze us with your organizational knowledge and skills, you were more than professional and kind to our aunt on helping her decide what to move and what to relinquish. Her new AL apartment is lovely and, most important, safe for her.

A big thank you for making a huge task so doable."

Kim, Elgin, Ill.

“I am one day away from a truck picking up my whole house to move across country....Jane found an organizer/packer that was amazing! She reorganized my boxes and packed 3 rooms and a storage area in just 5 hours. I plan on using them on the other end of my move to help me set my new house up. Wonderful!!!!"

Nicole, Barrington, Ill.

“My Husband Got A Job Transfer And We Had A Short Time Frame To Work With And With Three Kids And Health Issues, I Was Forced To Realize That I Needed Help. It Was Explained To Me What It Was That This Team Was Going To Do When They Came Into The House, But You Don't Really Realize Until It's All Done, The Transformation They Performed. They Did Everything From Packing, Unpacking, To Putting Everything Away In A Very Organized Fashion, Down To Making My Kids Beds! I Even Love The Little Labels They Put On Everything!

As I Walked Through The House Looking At The Progress, I Couldn't Stop Crying.......I Could Not Have Done In A Month, What They Accomplished For Me In A Day. When I Think About The Amount Of Stress And Mental & Physical Fatigue That Was Saved And How I Really Was Able To Enjoy My Home With My Family At The End Of The Day, It Was Worth Every Penny!!!! "

Carole, Park Ridge, Ill.

“You and your team did an awesome job for me and we were able to settle in well right away. Thank you so much!"

Vicky, Park Ridge, Ill.

“Jane and her crew are a godsend. They are in the process of helping move my mother. Anyone looking to move or just get organized these ladies are the best! "

FF , Morton Grove, Ill.

“Jane meets with the client prior to the move and explains how everything will work. Jane and her four ladies arrived right on time and began working immediately. They go room by room packing and labeling everything and where it is to go in the new home. They provide all size packing boxes and bubble wrap so that each item is wrapped with care for the move. As they are packing, they are always interacting with the client asking them if they want to take this or that.

The next day they arrived as the movers were bringing in the boxes and began putting everything back into the rooms indicated by the labeling on each box. At this point they also continued to question the client to whether or not they wanted to keep certain things based on the space constraints. Each day they coordinated everything as it progressed. The team was absolutely wonderful and by the end of two days they were like a part of our family. The staff are all professional, college educated women.

Jeanne, Chicago, Ill.

“Thanks again for your unbelievable help.  The move couldn't have gone any smoother.  It was like clockwork and the apartment looks so fabulous.   My Dad and I are thrilled with the organization and the way everything looks.  You and your crew are amazing people!  I can't thank you enough. "

Judy, Mount Prospect, Ill.

“I needed to move within 30 days and am by myself. It was an overwhelming project and I needed help. I searched Angie's List for a company that would be able to work with me and found Jane's team. I called leaving a message for Jane, the owner. She promptly returned my call and clearly explained their services. We made an appointment for two organizers. Jane told me what supplies to purchase prior to the appointment. They arrived on time and we worked together reviewing and packing. The women worked quickly, were friendly, and cleaned up when they left.

After that day, I knew I needed additional help. We arranged two other appointments and as of this afternoon, I am ready for the movers to come in tomorrow. I had a huge pile of things I threw away, and Jane helped me find a service to haul my junk away. They were great too. This company, the owner, it's employees and the junk hauler are all 5-Star quality, in my mind. I appreciate their kindness and efficient work ethics. I will definitely recommend them to my friends and family that may be in need of their services. Thank you.  Everything went amazingly!"

SA, Highland Park, Ill.

“We are elated with the results of this process and can't thank you and your crew and vendors enough for the help in managing my mother's worldly belongings with the respect and dignity they deserved. Your crew of organizers was professional, an excellent example of caring yet determined human beings, and are to be commended for the work you do."

Jenni & Ellen, Wauconda, Ill.

“Jane's team went above and beyond to help us relocate and get our home ready for sale, using creative problem solving and genuine concern.  Most importantly, they showed incredible sensitivity related to deaths in the family and how that impacts hanging onto and letting go of possessions. 

Jane's team helped us face the clutter that had accumulated after the death of two family members that we'd been unable to face for 13 years, and get unstuck.

Jane's team helped us go through 35 years of accumulated family possessions so we could relocate smoothly from Illinois to Maine.  To be sure we were well taken care of Jane even helped manage the professional movers."

Denise, Buffalo Grove, Ill.

“Dear Jane, At our first meeting, you put my mind to rest, that I wanted to rid myself of the clutter, and not because my parents wanted me to.  A major concern of mine after we started working together was how they were going to handle making their former home, into my home.
I look now that we have completed our task, and how totally disorganized I was, not having a place for anything.  I now have empty cabinets, drawers and excess closet space along with knowing where everything is.

Thanks again for all your hard work and expertise, I would definitely recommend you and your staff to anyone who needs their home de-cluttered.

Jo, Mundelein, Ill.

“Gradually over five short visits, Jane helped me de-clutter and organize my house in preparation for putting it up for sale and our move to Tucson.  Once Jane started coming, I became inspired to do more and more myself with the family's help.  We worked together and toys were donated and old instruction manuals and broken parts were tossed away. By the next time we met, we had the basement so organized, it was unbelievable.

Looking back now I can say that what kept us going was knowing I was getting the house all ready.  Before we had decided to move to the Southwest, my husband and I had met with an architect to remodel our upstairs to get more room for the kids and a nice new master suite for ourselves.  After Jane and I were through, I said to my husband that if we stayed in this house I no longer felt the need to remodel because I had so much more space!!

I found working with Jane worth every penny I spent due to the time and aggravation I saved had I tried to do myself what she helped me accomplish.

Beth, Arlington Heights, Ill.

“Jane, I never could have gotten through everything in the house in time to have it listed to sell without your help and direction. 
Thank You."

Business Clients

Anna, International Corp., North Suburbs

“Thank you for coming in and helping our associates get organized for our upcoming move. Your presentation was just what we needed! I think the individual sessions really helped individuals start thinking about moving and how they want to organize themselves in the new space. Thanks for helping us get started with organizing for the move!”

Maripat, Barrington, Ill.

“In only one visit, Jane has created tranquility and organization in my office.  It's amazing how quickly my inner landscape became peaceful when my exterior space became classified and color coded.  Jane quickly designed an action plan to organize my three business categories, and the amount of time I will save 'searching' for things is going to translate into more income and a greater sense of control.

If you are feeling scattered and disorganized, I highly recommend Jane.

Jennie, Philadelphia, Pa.

“Jane coached me through the snarled web of starting my business.  This was a time of wondering concerns, and lots of stopping and starting on my part.  She was very helpful in getting me unstuck when I was stuck; always organized; and kept me on track.”

Janet, Long Grove, Ill.

“I'm a web designer who works from my home office. Before I hired Jane Caroo and her team, my office had become essentially a storage space overflowing with boxes, office equipment and supplies, trash, and stacks and stacks of paperwork.

Jane and her associate helped me sort through the mess and gave me the tools to keep the office organized and clutter free in the future. They helped me convert an almost unusable space to an office that I enjoy being in. I'm more productive and creative in the space now than I've ever been. And doing taxes this year was a breeze because Jane helped me organize and file all my tax-related materials. Jane and her crew helped me .

All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! Working with Jane was a life changing experience. I love my new office!"

Joanne, Palatine, Ill.

“I was trying to run my business out of 3' x 8' hallway leading from the master bedroom to the master bath. I knew it wasn't working, but hesitated to make a move that would disrupt my family. Jane opened my eyes to the many possibilities for a dedicated office within our home. She helped me see the emotional barriers that were keeping me from utilizing space in the house and gave me the tools I needed to gain control over my workspace. 

It's a great feeling to know where everything is, and to be able to access what I need in seconds. The experience I had with Jane's team was so positive, that I recommend it to anyone who is struggling to get organized. I was so motivated that I went on to tackle other areas of the house. For me, getting organized is as much about creating peace of mind as it is about gaining space.

Audrey, Schaumburg, Ill.

“Dear Jane, I thought you did a tremendous job with my employees. As you know, one of the offices was a complete mess. I brought you in under difficult circumstances, and yet, you were able to establish an excellent working relationship with my employees. Even better, you helped set up systems which they have been able to sustain.
Thank you for all of your help."

Dr. Natarelli, Joliet, Ill.

“I dreaded the idea of cleaning up my office, but using Jane Carroo was the next best thing to snapping my fingers and having it done painlessly. She handled all the details!"

Tammy, Libertyville, Ill.

“Dear Jane, Thanks for all your help with my office.  It has made a huge difference!  I am hoping I'll be able to continue what we started and then maintain it all! 

Thanks again!”

Coaching Clients


“I could not have asked for a better mentor. Jane is professional, understanding, perceptive, sensitive, compassionate, supportive, and encouraging. She always responds immediately and remains flexible. She listens deeply, and is respectful and sensitive to the needs of each person she works with. Jane has strong values and cares deeply about serving the needs of those she helps.

During our time together, Jane shared valuable lessons from her own experiences which helped me grow exponentially in my understanding. Jane has a gift for giving beautiful descriptions and explaining things so they are easily understood. She went above and beyond by offering me the opportunity to work alongside her to gain valuable experience. Jane's support helped me believe in my own abilities, gain perspective on my interactions with clients, and put my skills to work to serve my clients. Jane is an AMAZING role model and a cherished friend.” 


“I was stressed and frozen. You got me unstuck and then everything started flowing. I got a whole new perspective!” 

Iris, New Jersey

“I came to a point in my life when I was frustrated and overwhelmed with all the clutter in my home and at work. Feeling like I was drowning in work and no help coming to me was too much.

Jane and I began weekly coaching sessions via phone. During the last four months Jane has helped me to explore the challenges in my life and how to meet them. In meeting these challenges, I have begun to implement a filing system and a family calendar that Jane suggested, as well as trying to help my family get on board with the de-cluttering process in our home. I have learned to spend time looking at the challenges and plan how to meet them.

If you are looking for a professional organizer/coach, I highly recommend Jane Carroo as an excellent choice.” 

Speaking Clients

Angie, Nurses Club

“ Our thanks to you for a very thought provoking program.” 

Greer Worthington, Corporate Meetings and Event Planner

"Jane brought her organizing expertise to kick start a series of practical workshops for my corporation. Her presentation was outstanding and all of the attendees left with a fresh perspective; each in their own way.

Clear and concise, Jane outlined detailed and straight forward concepts that everyone found incredibly useful! I will be recommending Jane's enthusiasm for simplifying not only your closet; but your life in general, to anyone who is in need of a simple change. rock!"

April Corel

"Great strategies, pointers, processes and systems!"

Mary Ellen

"Thanks for a great seminar. It was informative and encouraging. Very professionally done!"

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