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“In only one visit, Jane has created tranquility and organization in my office. It’s amazing how quickly my inner landscape became peaceful when my exterior space became classified and color coded. Jane quickly designed an action plan to organize my three business categories, and the amount of time I will save 'searching' for things is going to translate into more income and a greater sense of control. If you are feeling scattered and disorganized, I highly recommend Jane."

Barrington, Ill


Virtual Organizing and DIY Organizing

Simplesizing is a process I designed to help people reduce the clutter in their lives on their own, or with the help of a virtual organizer. When you have decided that you are ready to start Simplesizing®, we have two plans to support you on your Simplesizing Path. Choose the DIY option or work with a virtual organizing coach.

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Simplesizing with a Virtual Organizing Coaching: $99

If you want or need the guidance of a coach to help you through the process, schedule a ½ hour coaching session to ensure you stay on track. Coaching sessions are conducted via phone or email.
If you want or need the guidance of a coach to help you through the process, complete the DIY Simplesizing plan above first and then schedule a ½ hour coaching session to ensure you stay on track. Virtual coaching sessions are conducted via phone or email.  Many times, clients appreciate having a professional coach to help them with some of their plans as well as obstacles.  A trained coach can help brainstorm solutions that you may never think of.  A coach can help you find fresh ideas and motivate you when you get stuck.  Also, a caring coach can assist you in moving through the layers of clutter.  After all, removing clutter can stir up emotions that need to be released so you can clear yourself to move forward.  It’s great to know that there is someone who is on your side to help you get through the challenging times.

DIY Simplesizing Plan: $49

The 11-page DIY Simplesizing plan guides you through each of Six Simplesizing steps. Answer the questions included on the worksheets to gain clarity in your life. Complete the Snapshot exercise to determine where you are and where you want to be. The DIY kit helps you identify obstacles and create a plan. Examples make this DIY Plan SIMPLE and easy to use.

We all need an opportunity to start fresh!  The Simplesizing program allows you to take stock of  where you are currently and how you feel about various areas of your life right now.  By doing so, you are able to clearly see what area you feel drawn to work on at this time.  Taking this first step helps you determine the direction you want to prioritize.  The next part of the process takes you through the planning phase where you figure out what needs to be done in order to get your goals met.  What is really important is that you have a written plan to follow whenever you have the opportunity to implement the next step of your path.

Results vary, but as with any program, if you take the time to follow the plan, you can expect great results!


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