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Jane and her team did a terrific job of triage: organizing, hand-holding and packing for our big downsizing move.  Although we were just moving within Chicago, things were so well wrapped and labeled I think we could have shipped the boxes to anywhere in Europe and found everything perfectly intact.  With her assistance, we were able to feel comfortable with everything.

Chicago, Ill


Helpful Tips


Top 10 Tips from One of Chicago’s Best Professional Organizers

  1. Plan time for organizing, even 15 minutes a day can help you reach your goal.

  2. Keep only what you use or love.

  3. Develop good habits, put things away daily.

  4. Eliminate whatever you can from coming into your space, don’t let junk mail into your home.

  5. Adopt a favorite charity. You benefit as well as others. It’s easier to donate if you know someone else can use it.

  6. Create donation dates on your calendar monthly or quarterly. This will remind you to go through your possessions regularly.

  7. Shop less, bring home only what you need. Many times you can use what you already own.

  8. Keep your photos together in proper containers, where you can find them easily.

  9. Enlist help from your family. Do not expect to do everything yourself. Others need to support your efforts and learn to do things, too.

  10. Keep your important documents together in a bank box and have copies in your file.

  11. Jane Carroo, Organizing Coach Company

Jane Carroo is one of Chicago’s best professional organizers, having helped hundreds of clients over a 12-year career. Jane has appeared on NBC, CBS, WGN Radio, Hoarders, and been featured in many leading publications. She has a long affiliation with the National Association of Professional Organizers and was among the among the first certified professional organizers.

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