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"I came to a point in my life when I was frustrated and overwhelmed with all the clutter in my home and at work. Jane and I began weekly coaching sessions via phone.

During the last four months Jane has helped me to explore the challenges in my life and how to meet them. In meeting these challenges, I have begun to implement a filing system and a family calendar that Jane suggested. If you are looking for a professional organizer/coach, I highly recommend Jane Carroo as an excellent choice."


Coaching Services of Jane Carroo

A coach can deeply listen to you, help you clarify your intentions, support your decisions, and keep you motivated and stay on track to reach your goals. Jane offers personal and business coaching. We can work on personal challenges and work related issues, and based on individual needs. We build a relationship that serves each person and addresses whatever seems important at the time, life satisfaction, time management issues, navigating family relationships, managing large projects, launching a business, etc..

Coaching is a process. Co-active coaching involves the coach and the client both being active parts of the process. The coach asks relevant questions and listens for the client's answer both spoken and unspoken. Jane Carroo's commitment to coaching is on-going: "Over the years, I've taken many classes that involve coaching. I've had many opportunities to help people while applying the skills I've learned. I love talking with a new client, uncovering what is truly important for them, and then finding ways to bring that into their life."


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  • Life Coaching for your personal life
  • Business Coaching for your work life

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