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Tiny House Organizing

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You may never want to live in a tiny house but a house where everything serves a purpose and has its place is appealing to most people. What can the tiny house trend teach us about home organizing? It’s not the space you have, but how you use it is my number one takeaway. Here are some organizing tips from the tiny house trend that can apply to whatever kind of house you live in.

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When You Don’t Find Joy in Organizing

Joy in OrganizingIn her book , The Life-Changing  Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo instructs us to gather up all our belongings and then hold individual items and ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?”

Joy might not be the best way to describe how you feel about your toaster, but never the less, we’re excited that the book has sparked a lot of interest in organizing and the powerful effects it can have on our lives.  I find that when it comes to organizing, people usually fall into three camps. There are people that love organizing and the results of organization. They love to work the process. Then there are those for whom organizing would be the last thing they want to do. Lastly, there are those who would like to be organized, but have no idea how to go about it.

Photo Organizing: A Precious Gift for Yourself or a Loved One

organizing coach photo organizing wallThis past year our photo organizing business has grown, and it has been very rewarding to be a part of these projects that bring so much joy to our clients.

Whether the photo project represents a memory of a loved one’s life, an archive for an active family or a complete family history shared for the next generation, their value typically far exceeds the cost. We understand that photos and movies are often the only physical connection between you and your most important memories. To bring these memories back into our lives, where we can once again hold them close to our heart is something that is both personal and meaningful. We transform mounds of photos, film, and memorabilia into something that can be accessed at a moment’s notice, either in print or digitally. Photo organizing can provide much needed connection, comfort and closure.

Professional Organizers Help Turn Your Clutter into Cash

Sell_Your_ClutterIf you are overwhelmed by clutter and feeling stuck, you may need another motivator. How about cold, hard cash? Working with a professional organizer, decisions to move forward are easier than facing the task alone.  Get rid of items you don’t need.  Sell them for cash to make the effort well worth it.

There may be value hidden in clutter, and not only from everyday items. Imagine my surprise when one day a client discovered a medal awarded by the King of Norway!

Calendar Tips from an Organizing Expert

At-A-Glance Planning Notebook

At-A-Glance Planning Notebook

Calendars help us organize our day, week, month and year. When kids start heading back to school, calendars help us manage busy schedules and ensure we don’t miss important events.  Calendars are a time organizing system that works whether online or on the wall. The challenge is to be consistent and work it to your full advantage. Use your calendar to schedule school activities, sports schedules, work-related events, social engagements, birthdays, kids’ chores, holiday planning and more. Here are some tips on staying organized with calendars.

Is a Hoarding Disorder Keeping You or a Loved One from Leading a Healthy, Happy Life?

Professional Organizer Assists Hoarders

When Bravo TV host of Interior Therapy Jeff Lewis entered the home of entrepreneur and philanthropist Bob Lorsch, he covered his mouth and whispered to his sidekick Jenni: “Can rich people be hoarders?” He was overwhelmed by the pieces of art and collectibles that crowded each of the grand rooms in the estate.

Hoarding disorders cross all socio-economic backgrounds and can even occur in children. Hoarding is seen more frequently in men than in women. Recent studies indicate that as many as 1 in 20 people are significant hoarders.

Organizing for a Move: Advice from a Professional Organizer

Moving a painting

A move from a single family home in Barrington to a condo in downtown Arlington Heights can be as stressful as a move from downtown Chicago to San Diego. And when a transition to a new home has to be accomplished quickly, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

When this happens, I’m often called for what I call “triage organizing.” This is necessary when a home just isn’t functioning and the family is paralyzed by the size of the task in front of them. Realizing they need help, they reach out for emergency organizing help to get things back on track.

Professional Organizer Provides Advice on Becoming Clutter-Free

Jane Carroo was recently interviewed for the Blog Talk Radio show “Evolving Your Spirit.” Jane discusses how clutter drains our energy and provides advice on how to become clutter-free. Learn Jane’s “11 Sure Signs You Don’t Need it Anymore.”

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Ask Questions to Find the Right Professional Organizer

DecisionsFinding the right professional organizer for you doesn’t need to be hard. Focus on getting answers to the questions most important to you. You might value a good working relationship. Or need someone who can get an urgent project done now. You may be unsure of the investment or what kinds of projects an organizer excels at. Here are some basic questions to ask before making any commitments.

Questions to Ask a Professional Organizer

1. What kinds of clients do you serve?

2. Are there services you specialize in?

3. Are you a Certified Professional Organizer?

Living Your Best Life

Living Life

Living Life






Here are my top ten tips for living your best life:

Have a Vision

Align with your Values

Focus on what brings you Joy

Live Simply

Find your Creativity

Cultivate a Spiritual connection

Share Love with others

Make a Meaningful Contribution

Explore new Ideas and Learn along the way

Be Adventurous and Appreciate Nature

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