Living Simply Frees Up More than Space

Live SimplyMany people associate living simply with removing the physical clutter in their life – the things we have accumulated over the course of a lifetime that that no longer have meaning or a purpose. But it’s more than that. It’s also about pairing life down to only those things, activities and relationships you need or cherish. And just because items don’t take up physical space, doesn’t mean they can’t weigh us down mentally. Think about the constant barrage of commercial messages we are exposed to online and on TV that we have to filter through on a daily basis.

10 Simplesizing Resolutions for 2014

Simplesizing Resolutions for 2014Certified Professional Organizer Jane Carroo offers “10 Simplesizing Resolutions for 2014″ that will get to the heart of why your life feels cluttered and unorganized

The start of the New Year is a great time to assess how life is going. Getting more organized is typically one of the Top 10 resolutions for Americans. “We get all pumped up, run out and buy a bunch of storage solutions, and then wonder why six months down the road, our house or closet looks as cluttered as ever,” says Professional Organizer Jane Carroo.

What Type of Organizing Help Do You Need: Hands-On, Virtual or DIY?

What kind of Organizing Do You NeedAre you self-motivated? Do you prefer to deal with clutter on your own or would you rather enlist the help of a coach?  Are you comfortable working with a coach “virtually” through email and phone, or would you prefer hands-on help from a team of professionals?

There is no right or wrong answer to any of these questions. It’s about what works best for you and –let’s face it – your budget. Hands-on help is labor-intensive and the most expensive option, but for some people it’s the only way that really works. Virtual help offers you some of the benefits of personalized coaching, without the cost of hands-on help. Do-it-yourself organizing help is affordable, but requires more discipline to be successful.

Add ‘Happiness’ to Your Holidays!

Nature Photo of Golden Forest

As we anticipate the holiday season, we reflect on the current of our lives and those around us. Although we have been experiencing some tumultuous times recently, we still have the power to choose many of our experiences.

We do not have to get caught up in the commercialism that seems to overtake the season. Instead, we can choose to get back to the basics, and focus only on those holiday activities we really enjoy.

11 Sure Signs You Don’t Need it Anymore


purple tulipsIt’s that time of year when we want to freshen our spaces and remove the clutter that’s accumulated, seemingly overnight. When deciding what to keep and what to save, here are some sure signs something is ready for the donate, sell or trash bin.


You know you don’t need it when…

  • You haven’t used it in a year or more.
  • You’ve outgrown it.
  • You are no longer interested in it.
  • Your kids don’t play with it anymore.
  • You forgot you had it.
  • You seldom think of it or reference it.

Travel Time



It’s summer …  While all of us know the benefits of travel, we may avoid it simply because it can cause additional stress.
If you are already busy, planning and executing a successful trip can be challenging. It’s one more big project to contend with.  For some of us, just the thought of packing and unpacking can be enough to stop us.  This is where organizing becomes important.

Being organized supports us in our lives, and can help us lead the life we choose.  Being organized makes it easier to get ready for a trip and also makes re-entry less stressful.

How do you know when clutter becomes a crisis?

Read the interesting article where I was interviewed about hoarding.   The other people interviewed include Dorothy Breininger (A & E Hoarders), Moe Ross (Co-director of Northwest Community Counseling Services) and a client of mine.


Kitchen Before

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After
Kitchen After
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Organizing Goals: Are you on track?

Have you followed your goals so far this year?  Remember in  January when we asked you to set some goals for the New Year and New Decade?  Well, it’s springtime now and it’s time to review your progress.  Are you on track?  If you are, that’s great! 

If not, it’s time to get a reality check on how important those goals are for you.  If they are important, it’s time to get started.  Many of our clients tell us that they make so much more progress when they have organizing sessions scheduled.  Otherwise, they don’t make time for it and it doesn’t get done.   

New Year – New Decade – New Direction

now-yesterday-tomorrow-smWe’re starting a new year.  It’s not only a new year, it’s a new decade.  So, it’s even more important to get off on our best footing.   It’s time to take stock.  Figure out what is working and what needs changing.  We’re empowered to check things out and consider heading in a new direction.

Here is an organized way of approaching your goals.

  • Get a fresh start by taking a new perspective.
  • Approach your home or work as if for the first time.
  • View each by understanding its function.
  • Identify anything that is unnecessary or unloved.