A Majority of Boomers Plan to Move … But are they Ready?

Baby Boomers MovingFor nearly 10,000 baby boomers a day who will be retiring over the next 17 years, there are a multitude of decisions to be made.  When should I retire? How should I file for social security? How will I pay for healthcare? These are questions that need to be answered, along with one more … Should I move?  

In a recently released study from Better Homes and Gardens, 57% of baby boomers plan to move out of their current homes in retirement. Moving in retirement can often mean savings on taxes and lower maintenance costs as well as potential income tax savings if moving to a more tax-friendly state. But even if staying in place, many retirees may find their current home no longer suits their lifestyle.

Moving Seniors With Tender Care

Organizing seniorsYears ago, I attended a talk on healthy aging given by a physician on staff at Alexian Brothers Hospital. He was a lovely, caring man who reassuringly told his audience of seniors that aging is not a disease. One of the things he said that I wouldn’t ever forget is this: “Decide now who you will depend on.” He said independence during advanced age was the quickest way to the nursing home. He believed that inter-dependence is very important.

Dissolving a Parent’s Estate

Dissolving Your Estate

Dissolving an estate means sorting through and distributing a lifetime’s worth of possessions. It’s no easy task, but where several beneficiaries may be involved, it becomes even more complicated. Having helped clients manage these situations, I offer some thoughts to guide you and your family through the process.

Most wills usually only specify a limited number of valuables. The rest is typically left for the executor of the estate to distribute among the heirs.  It is not only items with monetary value that can cause disputes between family members, but also items of sentimental value.

Two Simple Ways to Help Our Seniors Get Organized

Ways to help seniors organize

What is at the top of your senior relative’s to-do list? The best way to find out is to ask or at least observe. In my experience as a professional organizer, seniors are looking for easy ways to manage their activities and appointments. They also want easy, portable access to their medical information.

Can a calendar bring contentment?

Helping Seniors Create their Living Legacy


Hidden in our clutter may be valued memories and pieces of family history, the meaning of which may be unknown even to family members. In the past, generations often shared a household and many family stories.  That doesn’t happen as much today.  As a move manager I am often in the position of helping seniors sort through their belongings.  I ask a lot of questions to help them decide what to do with an item. Grown children and grandchildren are often astonished when they learn the history or significance of items. It convinced me that as professional organizers we can help seniors create a living legacy, as much as we can help them remove clutter or downsize their household.

Seniors on the Move – Transition May Be Easier Than You Think

Moving SeniorsThe decision to move is the mark of a new beginning. Moving seniors can be made easier when using the professional services offered by a certified relocation transition specialist. Think of them as move managers for seniors. They can help jumpstart this new episode by lifting the burdens related to moving. The biggest decision (to move or not) is behind you.  It’s time to start looking forward.

Senior moves often include downsizing. What you choose to retain should reflect your new lifestyle. Keep the things you use and get rid of unwanted items. As a yardstick, most of us use only 20% of what we own. By donating it, you are giving someone else the opportunity to use it. This creates a good feeling.

How a Professional Move Manager Helps Seniors in Transition


senior transitionsMom falls and breaks her hip.  Suddenly the home where she and Dad have spent much of their adult lives, just won’t work for them. The family contemplates what action is best to help the parents find appropriate care and transition into a new home.

For most people, a senior move or senior transition involves letting go of a lot of things.  A lifetime’s worth of possessions must be sorted to preserve what is essential to the parent, and to their sons and daughters.