New Survey Reveals Clutter Impact

clutter stressHave you ever felt stressed because of clutter? A new Organizing Coach online survey reveals that you are not alone. We wanted to quantify how much clutter impacts people’s lives. How would people describe the level of clutter in their homes? What emotional impact does clutter cause in their lives? Does clutter affect their relationships? We learn by asking, so thank you to everyone who took the time to answer our questions. In total more than 77 people responded

The survey results show that many people feel distress over the amount of clutter in their lives. Our first question asked people to describe the level of clutter in their home.

10 Simplesizing Resolutions for 2014

Simplesizing Resolutions for 2014Certified Professional Organizer Jane Carroo offers “10 Simplesizing Resolutions for 2014″ that will get to the heart of why your life feels cluttered and unorganized

The start of the New Year is a great time to assess how life is going. Getting more organized is typically one of the Top 10 resolutions for Americans. “We get all pumped up, run out and buy a bunch of storage solutions, and then wonder why six months down the road, our house or closet looks as cluttered as ever,” says Professional Organizer Jane Carroo.