Five Ways to Create Your Legacy in 2015

2015 LegacyThe new year is a great time to reflect back and to look ahead. As I make my resolutions on the dawn of 2015, I have been thinking about legacy. How will I be remembered by my loved ones? What memories of our time together will last? It seems that if I put this at the forefront of my thoughts, things fall into perspective. Our lives are often cluttered with excess. Meaningless activities can suck our time and energy. The ones we love are sometimes the last to get our time and attention. I challenge you to think about your legacy in five key areas of your life in 2015.

Add ‘Happiness’ to Your Holidays!

Nature Photo of Golden Forest

As we anticipate the holiday season, we reflect on the current of our lives and those around us. Although we have been experiencing some tumultuous times recently, we still have the power to choose many of our experiences.

We do not have to get caught up in the commercialism that seems to overtake the season. Instead, we can choose to get back to the basics, and focus only on those holiday activities we really enjoy.