How to Live Your Best Life

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Living your best life doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We think it’s best to take it one day at a time. As we move through the year we will focus on one of 12 tips to help you on your journey. Make every day better.

  1. Create your vision.
  2. Align with your values.
  3. Focus on what brings you joy.
  4. Live simply.
  5. Find your creativity.
  6. Cultivate a spiritual connection.
  7. Share love with others.
  8. Make a meaningful contribution.
  9. Explore new places.
  10. Be a lifelong learner.
  11. Appreciate nature.
  12. Be adventurous!
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New Organizing Strategies Replace Old Habits

Downtime should be an important component of your schedule.

Free time should be an important component of your schedule.

They say the best way to lose a bad habit is to replace it with a new one. Here are six sure-fire ways to turn bad organizing habits into good.

Old Habit No. 1: Dumping

When you come into the house you tend to dump everything wherever you land: shoes, coat, hat, bags, etc.

Replace with:  Locker-style Storage

Create a unique locker-style area where you can store purse, hat, gloves and shoes. Hang coats in a designated spot. Do the same for other members of the family.

How a Simple Little Statement Can Help You Reach a Big Goal

thePowerof2012As you reflect on 2011 and review your goals for 2012, think about a personal statement that will keep you focused on your goal. What is important? What do you want to remember every day? Put the statement somewhere you will see it often: your bulletin board, vision board, a screensaver or even a sticky note.

The simple act of writing the statement down and looking at it every day will help you make your goal a reality.

Living Your Best Life

Living Life

Living Life






Here are my top ten tips for living your best life:

Have a Vision

Align with your Values

Focus on what brings you Joy

Live Simply

Find your Creativity

Cultivate a Spiritual connection

Share Love with others

Make a Meaningful Contribution

Explore new Ideas and Learn along the way

Be Adventurous and Appreciate Nature

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