Organization and Creativity Can Coexist

It seems to be a common belief that people are either left-brained or right-brained, good with liberal arts or good with math and science, artsy or organized. While people certainly can lean one way or the other, the idea that creativity and organization can’t coexist simply isn’t true.

Here are some ways creative people can find a system to organize their space:

Understand Your Style
Knowing your preferred methods of organizing and processing information are crucial when trying to create. The same way one person might like to absorb ideas through visuals rather than audio, it’s important to know whether you like pens versus pencils, technology over tangible materials, or listening to music instead of silence. Don’t make it more difficult to cultivate creativity. Apply strategies that work well with your natural inclinations.

Write Lists
Whether via your iPhone notes or in a handheld notebook, it’s important to transcribe your ideas when they come to you. Making a list of tasks, necessities or plans gives you a visual set of information that is both easier and more rewarding to finish. Being flexible with yourself is also essential. Emphasize quality rather than quantity. Sometimes you can’t rush the creative process!

Get Rid of the Extra
While some setups that appear messy to other people can make perfect sense to you, hoarding clutter is a different story. Inessential, distracting materials aren’t usually of much benefit while trying to get work done. Think hard about what parts of your space you absolutely need and what parts are currently obstacles. If things can’t be thrown away or donated, consider how they can be organized. Professional organizers are useful when it comes to this. We can help you figure out how to best organize your crafts, papers, supplies and files. Do you favor color-coding or alphabetizing, open shelves or cabinets? A professional organizer asks questions to determine the best strategy.

Being a successful creative requires that one apply some method to one’s quest. The key is to find the right method for you. Don’t let yourself get confused or overwhelmed when pursuing your creative projects — once you get organized, you can do anything.

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