An Organized Home is Pure Joy

Why having an organized home is pure joy

What brings you joy? Family and friends are probably first on everyone’s list, but I have to say that having an organized home is near the top for me. Here’s why:

I can focus on the people

For starters when my home is organized, I feel more focused and can devote my full attention to the people in it. There are no the piles of laundry, paper and junk to distract me.

I worry less about money

Being organized saves money in multiple ways. First of all, I no longer go out buy things that I already have, but just can’t find. Lost bills and late fees, they don’t happen anymore. I have a system for paying bills and it works. I plan our meals around what is on sale and cook, instead of waiting until it’s too late and ordering out.

I get more done in less time

So much time can be wasted in a day. I have found that by scheduling my work day and activities I can accomplish more. If you work at home it is even more critical to set boundaries so work doesn’t start impacting your home life. Being organized helps you prioritize your activities so you have more time for the things that are really important to you.

I feel healthier

Physical and emotional clutter can weigh you down. A clutter-free environment provides peace of mind and makes life far less overwhelming, less stressful. When you have a sense of control over your environment you feel more control over your life. Your home should be a haven from the stresses of the world.

I know this myself because organizing got me through one of the worst times of my life. In the course of a year I ended a marriage, moved and left my job. I was immobilized. A friend told me to “Clear off your desk.” I cleared off my desk, which led to my closet, which led to the basement, and then the garage.

Once I started, I kept on going. These simple acts lead me on the path to become a professional organizer. I was amazed at how just clearing the clutter in my life helped clear my thoughts. It was powerful. Today, I love nothing more than helping others experience a similar transformation.

Let me help you find the joy in organizing.

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