Motivation for your Organizing Efforts

Get a Clear View of Your Organizing Efforts
I like the idea of placing your weekly organizing accomplishments on post-it notes and putting them in a jar. When I posted it on Facebook it generated a lot of response. The idea of the notes is to provide you with a visual reminder of how much you accomplished over the course of a year. You may want to review all your progress at the end of the year by looking at all the notes you made.

Motivation is important when trying to overcome an obstacle like clutter. It’s easy to get discouraged and not even get started. If we can convince ourselves to take even one small step, we need to celebrate it. The funny thing is, that one small step usually leads to another. And when you can see visual evidence of just how much you accomplished, it gives you the encouragement you need to do more.

Many people express a desire to be more organized. But if you don’t change the behaviors that cause your clutter, you are likely to end up in the same spot. Focusing on small organizational habits may be a more effective way to bring about change. But what exactly is a habit? A habit is a behavior performed automatically because it has been performed frequently in the past. It doesn’t necessarily have to be done every day. Research shows habits aren’t easily formed. It can take an average of 61
days for a behavior to become a habit. So give yourself some time to make things happen.

Here are some small habits that I have found help reduce clutter:

  • Every time you buy something new, you donate or trash another item you own.
  • When you review your mail each day, immediately discard items of no interest. Place mail you have to deal with later in another pile for the time to handle it.
  • Pay all your bills on the same day each month.
  • Spend five minutes to organize your desk at the end of each day.
  • Clean one drawer a week

Whether you put post-it notes in a jar or pay yourself a dollar for each task completed it doesn’t really matter. The point is to acknowledge every effort no matter how small it may seem. This is the fuel that will keep you going.

When we work with clients, we work on creating systems and an environment that supports “staying organized.” Anyone can do it once. We give you the tools and resources to make it last.

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