Love your closet in 2018

ProfOrgClosetWeCanHelp_300Your closet doesn’t need to be a source of frustration. When you organize your closet to maximize space and make it easy to find what you need, it’s something to treasure.  Before you declare your current closet hopeless, look at your closet with an open mind.

Assess the current state of your closet.

Is it crammed and jammed? Do wish you had more shelves or more hanging space? Does it hold items that really don’t belong with your clothes? Make a list of what you don’t like about your current closet.

Clear out what you aren’t using.

When a closet is too crammed to be functional, examine ways you can reduce the stuff you are trying to fit in it. Are you storing clothing you no longer wear? Items that no longer fit can be donated.  Recycle or discard stained clothing. Consider storing off season items in another location. Non-clothing items can take up a lot of space. Perhaps these items could be stored elsewhere.

Add function.

Next examine the functionality of the closet. A good closet system makes the most of the space with two rods for hanging short items like blouses, jackets and slacks and another rod for longer garments such as dresses. Can you use additional shelves or stackable organizers or bins to help you store items from the ceiling to the floor? Place less frequently used items on higher shelves and use rollout bins to ease access to items on the floor.  Look for space anywhere you can find it – try hooks on the back of a door or wall to contain belts, jewelry, hats or scarves.

Light it up.

Good lighting is essential. Incandescent lights without covers are a fire hazard. Replace them with florescent or LED lighting. Larger closets may require track lighting to illuminate the space adequately.


There is really no right way or wrong way to categorize items. Go with what makes sense for the way you work and live. You can put all your work clothes together, organize by item, color, or outfit. Think of what would make it easier for you. Using the same type of hangers throughout the closet adds uniformity. With all garments hung at the same height and width, it is easier to find things. Save space by eliminating bulky and inefficient hangers.

When deciding where things will go, place frequently used items within easy reach.  When containing items such as shoes or scarves, use clear containers so items will be visible. Label boxes or place a photo of what’s inside on the outside of the box as a visual reminder.

Keep it under control.
Just like any space in your home, closets need a little upkeep. To avoid overstuffing, designate a space for a donate bag. Make a habit to add to the donate bag whenever you purchase something new. Maintain your system weekly and conduct a thorough review of everything in your closet seasonally or annually.  An organized closet is something that will bring you joy all year long. Learn more about closet organizing.

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