Be Grateful for What Matters

The things that matter most are not made of matter (2)

We first posted this in November 2015 and I still love it. I hope you enjoy it too.

I love Thanksgiving –or at least the idea behind it.  It’s a day to celebrate and give thanks for our blessings. Asking the question, “What are you grateful for?” is a simple way to discover the core of what is important to you. This is what matters. The rest is probably clutter.

Family, friends and good health are important to most of us. These things cannot be bought.

Having a roof over our head and a warm bed to sleep in is something to be grateful for. And who isn’t grateful for a wonderful meal to share with friends and family?

I would guess that few possessions made the list of what you are grateful for this Thanksgiving.

With that perspective, I encourage you to acknowledge what brings you happiness. Let go of the things that disturb you. Get rid of the stuff that really doesn’t matter.

I don’t just mean the physical clutter, but mental clutter and electronic clutter. A barrage of email and social media sucks up our time and energy. This Thanksgiving, let yourself be off the grid. Focus on what is happening in the present. Feeling grateful makes us feel good.

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