7 Days to a More Productive Office

Office organizingDedicating a few minutes each day for seven days can lead you to a more productive office and lifestyle. A well-organized office will help keep your attention where it needs to be. Searching for files or fumbling through cluttered drawers is a time waster. Here is a one-week schedule to try and meet the office organizing challenge.


Day 1: Assess what you have now and what you will need to be more productive. Identify problem areas. Write down what you want to accomplish. For example, one client wanted a place to easily access often used, current files. Another wanted to eliminate clutter from her desk.

Day 2.  Create a plan to address what needs to change. What remedies will work best for you? Strategize a solution. Will separating files by category work better than an alphabetical file system? Are you lacking easily accessible storage?

Day 3.  Get the resources you need. For some people this may mean buying furniture or organizing supplies. If you struggle with organizing, consider getting help from a professional organizer. If you tend to get sidetracked, schedule time to work on the tasks and ask a friend to help. Make the commitment.

Day 4. Divide and conquer. Take your office apart – meaning isolate areas, identify functions, and separate the useful from the useless.

Day 5. Categorizing items keeps everything in a designated place. Create a process that works for you. This could mean color-coding or organizing your paper and electronic files into folders.

Day 6. Put things back together in a way that makes sense to you. Most importantly, keep what you need easily accessible, within arms reach.  Clear your desk each day positioning all materials in a designated place where you can easily find them.

Day 7. Enjoy your new workspace. Celebrate your success in a concrete way – treat yourself to a cup of coffee, talk with friend, or post an affirmation on your bulletin board.

For just a few minutes a day execute an office organizing routine that keeps everything in its place. A more productive office allows you to use your time wisely and stop the stress of not finding what you need when you need it.

Note: This posted was originally published on April 13, 2014 and updated on 10/24/17.


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