Tackling Basement Clutter Like Wonder Woman

wonder woman

Sometimes it can feel like keeping your home organized takes superhuman strength. It can be especially hard to tackle places that you don’t frequent often, such as the basement. We often get into a habit of tossing anything that we don’t know what to do with into spaces like attics, basements and closets. But what happens when those spaces become cluttered and confusing? We made a list of steps Wonder Woman would take to minimize basement clutter. Don’t be afraid to try them.


1) Face your fears!

The first step in fixing the problem is to accept the problem. If you can no longer find anything in your basement storage; if you are carelessly cramming new items in just to place them somewhere; and if you avoid going into the area because it looks like a war zone, you probably need to put your basement in order. Your space has become unmanageable and unusable, but fret not! Have a positive attitude and you can fix this more easily than you think.


2) Keep a can-do attitude!

The most important factor here is to make the decision to clear out your basement and then proceed accordingly. Wonder Woman didn’t save the world with a lack of determination, and you won’t be able to save your basement either without deciding to tackle it with full force. Dedicate a weekend (or two) and spend a few hours each day working on a section of the basement. This keeps your morale up by giving yourself ample breaks, and by the end of the weekend you have a freshly organized space.


3) Divide and conquer!

Ask family members to organize with you! Even the strongest of superheroes needs a little help sometimes. With a few helpers, you can make quick work out of something that would take much longer by yourself. You can put someone to use by helping with any heavy lifting, while little ones can help organize items in labeled bins. The work gets done faster, and you have some company!


4) Call in reinforcements if you need them

Sometimes you just have to admit when the work is bigger than you can handle. There may not be a magical tool to clear your basement of clutter, but having a secret weapon like a professional organizer can make the job proceed a lot faster, and with less stress.


By taking these steps, organizing your basement clutter should be a little bit simpler and a little less painful. If Wonder Woman can save the world, there’s no reason you can’t save your basement.

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