Organizing Your Collectibles to Stand Out

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Are your collectibles stashed in the basement, overshadowed by competing décor or haphazardly displayed in different areas of your home? It’s time to let them shine. Collectibles are a sure way to show your individuality. A collection highlights your passion and shares your interest. When displayed thoughtfully you and any visitors will appreciate their beauty and value. Here are some ideas for organizing your collectibles so they stand out.

Design elements

What’s the difference between collections and clutter? Design elements. A bunch of stuff thrown together may not look great. Decide what looks good together. Consider shapes, color, number (odd numbers look better in groupings), height (mix small and large pieces), weight, and texture.

You can create depth by putting some items in back and some in front. Consider varying the height by placing some items on stands. Symmetry can create a formal look. Unify the collection by using the same frame for each item. Color can be a unifying design element as well. Lighting can put a spotlight on the collection. The same glass vessels will also identify them as a group.

Don’t overcrowd

Your collectibles lose emphasis when there are too many. Too much confuses the eye and crowds the space. Create a focal point. Group similar items together. Leave space around them. Use hooks, brackets, and shelves creatively but don’t encroach on other areas. When a new item is obtained, assess the space. Collectors enjoy the hunt for new items so leave space for additions to the collection. Change it up with a new discovery, but don’t crowd. Rotate items in and out. Variety will keep the collection interesting.

Where to display collectibles

Where you display your items may be as important as how you display them. Designate a single area for your collectibles. It should be a defined space whether it is a shelf, an alcove or a room. Popular areas to display collections are near an entryway, on a mantel, windowsill or wall. But don’t limit yourself. I’ve seen a bathroom beautifully decorated with a collection of framed butterfly photos.

Tell a story

A wonderful aspect of collectibles is that they tell a story. Think of a home where artifacts reveal all of the countries the owners have traveled to, or a collection of pressed plants beautifully framed and displayed on the wall above a sofa. Artwork on a wall can transform a room into a gallery. Rocks, ornaments, fishing poles, coins, and seashells can all offer fond memories for the owner and a telling story about how, when and where you found them.

Collections make an interior space unique. Keep them well organized and your collectibles will surely stand out.

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