Organize for Financial Well Being and Prosperity

Financial Well BeingIt’s no secret that finances are a source of stress for people and relationships. We asked financial author and speaker Ellen Rogin what role organizing plays in creating financial well being. Rogin is a CPA, Certified Financial Planner and co-author of the New York Times Best Seller “Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality.”

“Getting organized is a catalyst for creating prosperity and improving your financial well being,” explained Rogin. “Even in this paperless world, there is so much stuff. It’s about being discerning and organized about what you need to keep and what you can get rid of.”

She recommends consolidating smaller accounts to make it easier to track where money is going. Establishing a system for filing statements and bill paying reduces stress and late payments. Rogin is a big believer in professional organizers. “They have skills that don’t come naturally for many people.”

While there are immediate benefits to clearing the physical clutter, Rogin says clearing the mental clutter is equally important. “Most people don’t realize how keeping clutter in your life actually limits your prosperity. Every time you worry about what you are not handling or what you should be doing, you are not focusing on what you want to create.”

Clearing the mental clutter around finances means replacing limiting beliefs with more supportive ones.  “Examine what you think and say to yourself around money,” says Rogin. “Determine if it is supportive or hindering.” Clearing mental clutter is also about taking care of unfinished financial business like wills, insurance or neglected taxes.  “Cleaning up your financial house creates a sense of increased control and will speed up movement toward attaining your financial goals,” added Rogin.

Fear often keeps people from looking at what they owe or tracking what they spend. “Most people underestimate what they spend,” said Rogin. “It’s only by watching what goes in and comes out that you can you really start to save,” she added.  This also helps you identify mistakes or erroneous charges.

Rather than focusing on money, Rogin prefers the end goal be prosperity. “Prosperity is more encompassing,” said Rogin.  “Prosperity is about being successful – not just with your money, but with your life.”


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