A Professional Organizer’s Approach to Sharing Closet Space

Stuffed ClosetCloset organizing begins with an honest evaluation of how space is being used by whom. A professional organizer’s approach to sharing closet space starts with who the people are, what they value, what they own, and how much space is available. In this post I will share some of the closet organizing issues I encounter most often by people who share a closet.

The closet is overstuffed

An overstuffed closet doesn’t work for anyone. It causes frustration every time you enter it. This is an unnecessary stressor that can be eliminated by working together. A first step is to assess what belongs in the closet and what doesn’t. There are several ways to filter out closet clutter. Simple questions to ask are: Do I use this? Is it still useable and desirable? Does it belong here? Remember that a clothes closet is for clothes, a broom closet is for cleaning supplies, and a coat closet is for outerwear.

Best way to store closet items

I often see attempts to stay organized fail because people sharing closet space don’t agree or cannot adhere to the way items are stored. A woman with several wool sweaters refuses to put them in a plastic container. A man wants all of his footwear available regardless of seasonality. It’s time to compromise and prioritize. A professional organizer can offer satisfying solutions that address different needs and points of view.

How to arrange and organize the closet

There are many ways to organize a closet. The best way depends on what works for the people involved. Sometimes people want outfits put together for easy use.  Some people like to color coordinate.  Others like to hang most of their items. Some prefer baskets or shelves.

What most can agree on is how to arrange closet items by category. For example, his shirts and pants are here; her shirts and pants are there. Work related items are kept in the office. Towels and sheets will be found in the linen closet.

Maintaining closets

All closets need to be maintained. They should be assessed every few months or at least yearly. Are they over stuffed? Does everything have its place? Are items remaining in place? If not, why not? Filter out seasonal or unused items. Dust off shelves. Keep clothing, coat and linen closets fresh and free of pests by including a small cedar block or sachet of lavender.

People who share a closet can find a solution that meets their needs and desires. If you want help, just ask.

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