Do You Really Need a Professional Organizer?

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If you are thinking about getting professional organizing help and wondering, “Why can’t I do this myself?, .. you’re in good company.  At first glance, organizing seems pretty easy – go through your clutter, sort it, donate it or dispose of it, then put what you have back in place.  Follow the ideas and rules you can find in magazines and websites and you are good to go –or maybe not?

For many people, organizing is NOT easy.  Organizing is NOT something they like.  They have tried many times but usually find their way back to the same cluttered, disorganized space they started with.

This is just one of the reasons you might seek out the help of a professional organizer.  If you have a desire to learn, a professional organizer can teach you and transfer the skills you need. A professional organizer will help identify why the systems you tried in the past haven’t worked.  Working with a professional organizer provides you with a custom approach to organizing designed to work the way your brain works.

There are other times when a professional organizer is probably the right choice. It’s when clutter is getting in the way of the life you want to lead or worse yet, undermining your relationships.  It can be difficult to admit that this is happening. At Organizing Coach, we understand  this. Our non-judgmental, caring approach will help you see your way through this difficult time. We’ve seen how battles with health issues and family problems can lead to situations where clutter takes over. We’ll get you through it, at one step at a time.

Physical and time limitations can also be a great reason to hire a professional organizer. It takes a lot of energy to organize and many of us (especially seniors) find the thought of the physical exertion overwhelming. Working Moms and Dads with young children need to spend time with their little ones, and simply don’t have the time to keep up with kid clutter.  Having extra hands to help you keep your space the way you like it is a great investment in your well being. Clutter can absolutely weigh you down mentally and emotionally – there’s no reason to let it happen.

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