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Take Stock and Create Your Plan in January

January is the perfect time to take stock of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual clutter. When you create order out of clutter, you find serenity. Values can change over time. Many of our clients tell us they now find value in simplicity rather than abundance. Clutter in all forms can weigh us down. We need to clear the clutter to focus on what really matters. In our approach to organizing we ask clients to examine not only their physical space but also their lifestyle, and how things affect their mental and emotional state.

As you go through the process of taking stock, think of what activities and spaces bring your energy levels down. What gives you a boost? For example, does a cluttered office make you feel unproductive? Does a disorganized kitchen keep you from cooking more healthy meals for your family? Do you want more time for vacations or traveling? Is an overload of kids activities interfering with quality family time?
Your YO (Year of Organization) plan should address how and when you will remove your clutter. Working one room at a time you could sell or donate unneeded items. Some spaces that have become dumping grounds for unused or broken items could be more difficult than others, so choose a time when you will be highly motivated to work on them. You may want to solicit help from family members, too.

To create additional free time, consider resigning a volunteer position or limit kids to one sport rather than two. There are many possible solutions for removing clutter and creating the time and space you need in your life. You didn’t become cluttered overnight, so our calendar allows you to use the whole month of January to create your plan for the year. Each month we break down areas for you to work on. For instance, in March we’ll have a plan to work on reducing paper clutter, while in June we’ll turn our attention to outdoor areas.

In January, a lot of us are motivated to change our habits. But as time goes on, determination can wane. Post our calendar as a reminder that healthy organizing habits will sustain you throughout the year. If you are not sure how a professional organizer can help, read some of our customer testimonials and learn more about our services. We’ve helped hundreds of people in the Chicago area gain clarity and control of their time, paper and space. By working with a professional organizer you’ll gain the skills you need to make organization a strength instead of an obstacle. It’s a new year and no better time to start building great organizing habits. You’ll be glad you did!

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