Get Ready – Organizing Tips for the Holidays

Prepare Your Holiday TableHolidays are supposed to be happy occasions. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the thought of entertaining, decorating, and gift giving here are some organizing tips for the holidays that can lighten the load and keep your spirit bright.


Don’t wait to the last minute to figure out what needs doing. Take a quick inventory of your decorations, lights, cards, recipes, and the gifts you may have already bought. Doing so will save you time and money. Some key advice is to limit your palette. By that I mean choose a color, a shape, or a menu as a theme and stick to it. Develop a signature style for wrapping gifts or setting a table. For example, silver or craft wrapping paper can be used all year long. A solid colored napkin can complement formal or informal plates. This will help you simplify and streamline your efforts. Review your decorations and donate them before the holiday so others can use them and you can have a tax deduction.


Decide what will be done first. Focus on holiday activities you really enjoy. You may like decorating your tree. Go through the boxes of ornaments. Pick out the ones you cherish. Toss the broken ones and donate or give to family members and friends the ones that are still in good shape. You may want to volunteer at an organization. Find the one you want to give your time to and contact them now. If not, don’t feel compelled to volunteer this year just because you did so last year. It’s your decision. Don’t spread yourself too thin.


Add whatever needs to be done on your calendar. Highlight your priorities and check the calendar every day. Purchase or gather any supplies you will need. Enlist support when needed. Remember, some of the best gifts often don’t need storage or maintenance. You can offer holiday wishes to the extra people in your life including the mail carrier, garbage collector, teachers, coworkers and boss with a box of wrapped chocolates, a gift card or a bottle of  wine. For your family, start a new tradition that is based on your values. If you don’t have time to send cards, reach out to friends with a phone call and listen. To be listened to is a great gift.

Don’t forget to treat yourself. If organizing during the holidays is something you have trouble navigating each year, spend a day with a professional organizer and your future holidays will be less hectic and more fun.

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