Home Organizing Tips from the Tiny House Trend

Tiny House Organizing

Photo Source: Garett Buell, Studio Buell

You may never want to live in a tiny house but a house where everything serves a purpose and has its place is appealing to most people. What can the tiny house trend teach us about home organizing? It’s not the space you have, but how you use it is my number one takeaway. Here are some organizing tips from the tiny house trend that can apply to whatever kind of house you live in.

Assess essentials

Look around. Decide what your essentials are versus the non-essential. This can be a liberating experience. You are freeing yourself of unwanted, unneeded stuff. Look through each room, closet, drawer, basement and shelf to see what no longer serves a purpose. People change and so does their stuff. Get rid of anything you no longer want or use.

Make a plan

Look at what space is available for your belongings. Measure the space, feel the space, and then determine what will occupy it. This is fun because what you choose is a reflection of who you are. No two people will occupy a space in the same way.

Apply multi-function principle

Tiny houses insist that form and function serve each other. A table may turn into a desk, a staircase provides storage, and surfaces are sturdy, beautiful and functional. Apply the multi-function principle to your space and watch it grow.

Use windows, walls and ceilings

Nobody wants to feel cramped. Windows provide natural light, good ventilation, a view to the outdoors and an illusion of more space. Consider how to use your walls. In tiny houses walls may be used for hanging shelves and cabinets or displaying art. With every inch of space used fully in a tiny house a high ceiling often contains a loft.

Remember simple fixes

Don’t forget how paint color can brighten (expand) or darken (compress) a space. Doors may be useful or in the way. You can add hooks or organizers to the back of doors. Cloth panels under the sink or at a closet entry may substitute for a door. Clean-lined furniture reduces visual clutter.

As a professional organizer I am always looking to help people create functional spaces where they feel good. The tiny house trend shows how home organizing is a vital skill that supports every lifestyle.

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