Virtual Organizing Puts You in Control

Virtual Organizing Session Virtual organizing has become an effective path to organizing success for many people. They want to simplify their life. They like organizing in short increments of time. They want to control what areas they work on and when.  Working with a professional virtual organizer, you are in control. The virtual organizer will schedule a convenient time to talk and share approaches via telephone, email or Skype. You will be asked to send photos of the area(s) of concern to you. After you are in agreement about what needs to be done and how you are going to make the necessary changes, the virtual organizer acts as your coach by helping you make progress, talking you through obstacles, supporting your efforts and reinforcing your positive new organizing behaviors.

Social Scientist Daniel Yankelovitch says three quarters of Americans want to simplify their lives. Those who act, get the job done. A single woman who works full time and lives with her mother reached out to me for virtual organizing via email. Her life and physical environment were becoming increasingly complex and unorganized. She shared her concerns and pictures with me. Together, we worked out a game plan on the telephone. We talked weekly about what work she had completed.  Most of the time she was happy with what she had accomplished. The times when she was not, we tweaked the plan and reviewed what needed to be done next. The momentum continued. She got excited. I heard a change in her. The word I use to describe it is empowered. In a short while her confidence grew. Confidence is a good foundation for moving forward in life. Virtual organizing was very effective for her.

Another woman I worked with virtually traveled a lot. She had two homes and did not want to be bound by geography. Virtual organizing was a great benefit for her because she could apply what she learned in both houses.

A couple I worked with virtually was going through a transition. He was retiring and the kids were going off to college. It was time for them to get organized and reshape their surroundings to suit their new lifestyle. They wanted guidance on how to achieve the best results. Virtual organizing worked well for them because they had some reservation about anyone touching their stuff. They were private people so not having someone physically in their space was a real benefit.

If you are willing to do the hands-on work, or are limited in time or budget, virtual organizing is a good alternative to having a professional organizer come to your house. Virtual organizing may also serve as a complement to professional, hands-on organizing. Virtual sessions are a half hour to one hour long compared with several hours for a professional hands-on organizing session.  Either way, if you want to take control of your clutter and simplify your life, a professional organizer can help.



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