Refresh Your Closet for Summer

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Place smaller items such as scarves into bins.

When the temperature hits 90, you know that summer has unofficially arrived in Chicago. It might finally be safe to trade your boots for sandals and winter coats for light jackets. The time might even be right for a closet makeover. Our goal is not just to organize your closet, but to create a system that will allow you to maintain a decluttered space with minimal effort.  With an organized closet you will save time, money and space.

Step 1: Evaluate Your Closet

The first thing you should do is evaluate the type of closet you have and how much space you have. Is it a walk-in or reach-in variety?  Does it have shelves or just hanging space? What areas of the closet are making it difficult for you to function? What’s in there that doesn’t really belong?

Step 2: Prepare your Closet

Once everything is removed from the closet, paint it in a light color that gives you a good background to view clothing against.  Vacuum and dust. If the lighting is making it difficult to find what you need, install a new fixture or add additional lighting.

Step 3: Sort You Clothes

Next it’s time to sort your clothes by type of item and color. For example, group together casual shirts, casual pants, dresses, shoes, belts, accessories, etc.  If you are tight on space, keep only the clothes you are currently wearing in your closet. You can store off-season clothes, and clothes you don’t wear but want to save, elsewhere.

Step 4: Purge and Donate

For many people, donating items that don’t fit, or are out of style can reduce the amount of clothing in their closet by half.  If you are still short on space consider some additional modifications such as adding a shelf or adding an additional rod to double hang items.

Step 5: Systematically Return Clothes to the Closet

Return your clothes to the closet, organizing by lifestyle (work vs play), by type of garment and color. This makes it easy to see what you have. Assign each item a “home.” Designate a shelf, section of rod, or drawer for each category of clothing. It is this system that will help you maintain the de-cluttered space with minimal effort. If you prefer to match your outfits, you can put them together. However, doing this stops you from seeing other ways to combine them. Place clothes you wear frequently near the front. Using the same size hanger works wonders to keep things uniform. Consider displaying jewelry and accessories so they are easy to access.

Closet Maintenance Tips

To help maintain the space, keep a donate bag or box right in the closet. Before you go shopping, review what you already own, to avoid buying duplicates. Check your closet weekly to ensure you have a home for everything.

Not sure you can face a project like this on your own? A professional organizer will empower you to get through it. The results will be simply amazing.  Save our handy closet checklist for your next closet refresh project.

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