New Survey Reveals Clutter Impact

clutter stressHave you ever felt stressed because of clutter? A new Organizing Coach online survey reveals that you are not alone. We wanted to quantify how much clutter impacts people’s lives. How would people describe the level of clutter in their homes? What emotional impact does clutter cause in their lives? Does clutter affect their relationships? We learn by asking, so thank you to everyone who took the time to answer our questions. In total more than 77 people responded

The survey results show that many people feel distress over the amount of clutter in their lives. Our first question asked people to describe the level of clutter in their home.

One fourth or 25% of respondents identified their home as “Extremely cluttered.” Nearly half (46%) described their home as “Somewhat cluttered.” Only 4% said their home was “Completely uncluttered.”

We asked about the emotional impact of clutter in their life. A whopping 87% said clutter caused them to feel stressed. Nearly 40% said clutter was putting a strain on their relationships.

Twenty-two percent of respondents said clutter was a major source of conflict in their relationships. Fifty-two percent said it was a minor conflict and 27% said clutter had no impact on their relationships.

A little more than half (52%) said clutter causes them to waste time looking for things.

clutter impact surveyThese results confirm our observations from working with people who struggle to get and stay organized. Helpful tips may be appropriate for people who don’t let clutter accumulate and are not stressed by it. For those who see clutter as a continuous battle affecting their own and others’ well being, a professional organizer can and will help.

One-on-one professional organizing is customized to meet your particular needs. The organizer understands that life gets hectic when you’re working, raising children, and managing a lifestyle that should include some leisure. You can find long-lasting solutions that work for you with a trained professional organizer.

Many people don’t realize that professional coaching focused on organizing is available via the telephone or Skype. A coach helps you overcome your challenges, supports your decisions and keeps you on track to meet your organizing goals through scheduled conversations via phone with email support.

While the results from the Organizing Coach Clutter Impact Survey did not surprise us, we hope it creates greater awareness of the emotional and social impact of clutter. People get stuck in a clutter cycle. When they are given the opportunity to stop, figure out what to do and then do it, they can find a way out of the distress caused by clutter. We are all about helping them do just that.

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