How to Keep the Man Cave Organized

well organized man caveA space for the man of the house is trending in design circles. The benefits of a “man cave” are grounded in research (it helps men regulate their emotions) and the attitudes of spouses (time away from each other is a good thing). Man caves may be located in an existing room, garage, basement or outbuilding. Once the man cave is built, it may not change for years. But stuff does accumulate. How to keep the man cave organized should be based on how it is being used. Its purpose may vary.

Display collections
Sports memorabilia, games and bottles of wine may require additional shelving or storage as the collection grows. Make sure the space can house what exists now and what may exist in the future. Ensure that like items stay in the same area and are not scattered throughout the space.

Socialize with friends
Organizing a space for male camaraderie may differ based on the man’s interest and whatever built-ins occupy the space. For example, a pool table or basketball net require ample open space. Men love comfortable chairs and couches so keep them available. A bar area needs to be stocked with beverages, corkscrew, and glassware.

Tinkering projects
Lots of men enjoy having workshops where they take on fix-it type projects or artistic works. They may use the space to build cabinets, restore cars, or play music. For the space to work the tools need to be well organized. If not, his haven becomes havoc. Shelves, drawers, benches and tables can provide order.

The idea of a man cave is to be separate from the view and sound of women. It’s his space. Let him decorate and design it the way he wants. It should be a reflection of his personality and the things he cares about. However, with that comes the responsibility of keeping the space well organized. If the space becomes unruly and he no longer uses it for its intended personal purpose, it may be time for the woman of the house to step in and request to hire a professional organizer!

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