4 Ways to Make Organizing a Habit

Make organizing easyYou can increase your chances for staying organized this year. Make organizing a habit. Start small and build from there. Cultivating a good habit of staying organized reaps many rewards. You eliminate wasted time looking for things. You save money by not buying more of what you already have. You replace chaos with calm.


Here are four ways you can make organizing a habit this year.

Look at problem areas
Assess your home to discover where the clutter accumulates. For some people clutter may pile up in an entryway, home office, closet or kitchen. Problem areas are the best way to see what bad habits you have developed.

Prioritize your effort
Decide which area holds a priority for you and begin there. Within your priority area, focus on the problems that bug you the most. Change the way you handle them. For example, if your entry is cluttered with stacks of mail, determine how you will manage the mail each day. No one likes seeing week-old, unopened mail.

Find solutions, not excuses
You have the power to create a welcomed setting that makes you feel good. If you often misplace your keys, designate one spot and hang your keys there every day. If coats and boots are scattered because a closet is overstuffed, clear the closet so those coats can be easily hung each day. If you are tired of seeing dirty dishes, wash them in the sink or put them in the dishwasher immediately after using them. These are good habits that make staying organized easy.

Be consistent
Stick to your solutions. Repeat them every day in the problem area until it becomes a habit. Resolve anything that stops you from your goal. If using a list reminds you of what needs to be done, review it each day. When you are satisfied with what you have accomplished, move to your second problem area.

Remember, look at the problems in your priority area first and learn new habits that will bring you pleasure rather than pain. If you need help, talk with a professional organizer.

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