Out with the Old, in with the New

Out with the Old, In with the NewAfter the holidays most of us have a lot of new things to make room for — there are new clothes, new photos, new knickknacks and new holiday décor. Many of the things you receive may be cherished. But if you don’t like what you received, resist the urge to store it in a closet or in the basement.  Give the unwanted gift to someone who will appreciate it or donate it to an organization. As you begin the process of finding a place for new things, promise yourself that for every item you add, you will remove one. This simple rule keeps clutter at bay.

Think of what you want for the New Year. Physical clutter may be getting in the way, but mental clutter can also affect us. The New Year offers an opportunity to get rid of what weighs us down and keeps us from being our best selves. Replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones. Forgive family and friends who have hurt you and free yourself of the anger and resentment that wears you down. Examine your worries and determine which you can influence and those you cannot. Let go of worries you cannot control.

Our world today is complicated and changing every minute. Let your home and family be a refuge, not a source of stress. Every day I am amazed at how removing clutter and organizing changes lives in many ways. Say hello to a new start and welcome all that can be in 2016.

Happy New Year!

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