Would You Give a Closet Organizing Session as a Gift?

Organizing Coach gift certificateA closet organizing session may not be at the top of your list of gifts to give but ask your special someone this: “Would you appreciate a closet organizing session as a gift from me?” You might be surprised at how easy and meaningful this kind of gift giving can be. The important thing in giving such a gift is that you find out first if the recipient will appreciate it.

Surprising someone with an organizing session gift may be taken in the wrong way or seem inappropriate to someone who has not expressed a desire for it. When you bring up the idea before purchasing the session, you can find out how well the gift will be received. It’s not about what the giver wants to give. It’s what the recipient wants to receive.

One of my clients asked her personal trainer if she would like such a gift and the trainer responded enthusiastically: “Yes, I would love it. That is such a thoughtful and unique idea. Practical too!”

A mother asked her daughter, who had recently moved to a new house, if she would appreciate an organizing session. The daughter thought it was the perfect gift. Some of the reasons why people view an organizing session as a perfect gift include:

  • It doesn’t take up any space
  • Recipient schedules the session and identifies his or her priorities
  • It keeps on giving because the recipient learns strategies for organizing on their own
  • It can relieve stress caused by chaotic spaces
  • An objective professional helps the recipient make good decisions

Tell Your Spouse What You Really Want for the Holidays
A husband who bought an organizing session for his wife said: “My wife told me she needs help with organizing. She works hard. I want to give her something that she will appreciate.”

Overwhelmed with preparations for the holiday season, Linda says with exasperation in her voice: “I don’t want any more stuff. I have nowhere to store it.” Boxes of old decorations are piling up in her basement. It’s time Linda tells her spouse what she really wants – an organizing session!

Emily purchased an organizing session for her husband after he indicated he wanted to turn his home office into a more personal space for his hobbies and collections. “It was something he kept talking about but he could never get started on it,” she said.

Simplify Gift Giving This Holiday Season
Gift giving should be a simple, pleasant and rewarding experience. Trying to pick the right style at the right price from the right place can be frustrating. Purchasing an organizing session for someone living in downtown Chicago and its north and northwest suburbs could be the perfect gift.

To order, call 847-776-8717 or complete the form on the Organizing Coach contact page. After speaking to you, we create a personalized gift certificate. You will make someone very happy this holiday season and throughout the year.

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