Organize Your Guest Room for the Holidays

GuestrmChances are your guest room may need some organizing before your guests arrive for the holidays. If you use the space for other purposes during the year, now is the time to spruce it up so your guests feel welcomed and comfortable. Follow the tips below to create a restful and serene environment for your guests this holiday season. Do it now and after your guests leave you will like spending more time in this room yourself.

Clear out clutter
Sort through and clear out any personal items that may have accumulated in the space. For example, if the guest room doubles as a hobby space or home office clear away tools and files leaving all surfaces open and available for your guests. Get rid of stuff you don’t use or want.

Use space sensitive furniture
Daybeds, sofa beds, bunk beds, and murphy beds are multi-functional solutions if you need this space to work as more than a guest room. Twins beds allow space for two guests or can be pushed together as one big bed. Shelves are a good multi-functional solution as well. Clear them off and your guests can use them any way they like.

Check the closet space
While some closet space may be used by you, make sure there is enough available space for your guests to hang their clothes. Provide hangars and a spot for their shoes and boots. If a closet doesn’t exist or is packed full, use shelves, a suitcase bench, or dresser. If the shelves are clear your guests can use them to place their folded clothes. A suitcase bench allows guests to keep their things off the floor. When the guests leave, fold up the bench and store it. If there is a dresser in the room, leave at least the top drawer empty for your guests’ personal items.

Get the bathroom ready
Clear off all surfaces and put away your personal items such as shavers and shampoos. Add unused travel size bottles of shampoo and conditioner and a small bar of wrapped soap. Add an extra roll of toilet paper.

Freshen the linens
Cover the bed with recently laundered well-fitted bed sheets and comforter. Hang clean towels from a towel rack or fold them in sight. Shake draperies to loosen dust and open them to give the room some natural light. Make sure rugs, carpet and wood floors are clean and free of any clutter. If blinds cover the windows check to see that they are working properly.

Create ambience
Is the room well lit? Make sure all bulbs are working. Replace any that are not. Check the temperature in the room to make sure it is comfortable. Add a folded throw blanket at the foot of the bed so guests don’t have to rummage around if they need more warmth.

To add extra touches for your special guests include some current reading materials such as a newspaper, magazine or book. Add a simple arrangement of fresh flowers to lightly scent the room. Survey the room to see that it meets all the needs of your particular guest. Put on a smile and enjoy your time together.

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