Affirmations For Home Organizing

Affirmation for home organizingIt feels great when we clear out clutter and organize a drawer, closet or bathroom. We feel a sense of accomplishment, order and calm. You can use that feeling as an affirmation when organizing your home: “I did it!” An affirmation is simply a positive statement that describes a desired situation. Here are some ideas for using affirmations to get and stay organized.

Choose a time of day to repeat your affirmation. Some people like the morning before their day’s activities begin. Others like to repeat their affirmation in the evening when it is quiet. Or they will pull it up whenever the time seems right. The important thing is to repeat it each day. This way it gets planted in your subconscious mind.

Remain In the Now
Affirmations should be made to yourself in the present tense. Such as, “My closet is well organized” rather than “My closet will be organized someday.” Every time you do this you are feeding your subconscious mind a feeling of well being. If your closet is not well organized you can say; “I am in the process of making my closet a more well organized place.”

Stay Positive
Keep your affirmations positive: “I can find what I am looking for, when I want it.” When everyday activities start imposing chaos, remember your affirmation. “I can find it, when I want it.” Or, “I know that I can stay organized.” Don’t start going crazy saying: “I can’t find it.”

Be Concise
Define your situation in simple terms: “I am proud of myself for keeping this bathroom shelf organized.”

Keep on Target
Hone in on what you want in a particular area. “I feel at peace when I walk into my closet.” “This desk contains what I need.” “I’m excited about lessening the time it takes to find or store things.”

When you bring your emotions and beliefs into your affirmations you start to visualize a more organized you. Once you see it, you start to believe it. Repeat your organizing affirmations daily to keep yourself in a positive state of mind.

Here are two affirmations I love to hear from my clients: “Within this space, only good things will come.” And, “I am free!” Home organizing becomes a reward, not a chore.


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