Is Clutter Cramping Your Style?

Organizing Coach Clothes Closet AfterStyle is more than keeping up with the latest trends. It’s a way of living. It is a form of expression that reflects who you are and your lifestyle. Appearance is a part of it. Yet style also includes knowing what you value, what you like, and what priority you place on each of these. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but a good sense of style is something we all appreciate. It may be found in the way a person speaks, dresses or decorates their home. It is a source of pleasure.

Problems arrive when what was once a deliberate act falls prey to chaotic disarray. Clutter creeps in and clouds your view. What you are presenting to the world and to your self no longer pleases you. Don’t let clutter cramp your style. Here are some steps I use as a professional organizer to help people reunite with their lost sense of style.

Envision the look
The manner in which you express your style is very individual. Some people like a formal look, others like casual. Stay true to yourself. Create a scenario where there are no limitations. What are you wearing? What kind of house are you living in?

Harness time
What are a few small things you can do each day to reflect your style? It may be lining up the shoes you like best in the closet so you have easy access to them. Just fifteen minutes a day focused on bringing forth what you like will help.

Get rid of anything you no longer use, wear or appreciate. This stuff clouds your view and adds nothing to your style.

Be discerning while shopping
When shopping, buy only what will support your lifestyle. Avoid over purchasing. Don’t buy it just because it is on sale. Know what you have and don’t duplicate.

Your style requires details. A dress might look plain until you add jewelry. The dress must be hung and the jewelry stored in a place where you can find it. The joy of putting something together to reflect your style is knowing just where it is.

Ask for advice
You may want to consult an interior designer to liven up your home décor, or a fashion consultant to spruce up your wardrobe. But it is the professional organizer who can help make sure that your style doesn’t get cramped by clutter. When your sense of style returns you will see it in every corner of your house, in the clothes you wear and the people you attract.


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