3 Considerations When Organizing Your Craft Room

You’ve created a space for your hobby but how do you keep it organized? In order for you to enjoy your craft time, there are three key considerations: tools/supplies, storage, and personal style.

Tools and Supplies

Look at the amount and size of the tools and supplies you need to support your craft. There’s a big difference between what a stamp collector needs and what a painter has to have. For example, if you are using craft paper or canvas measure how deep and wide a drawer you will need to hold them. Once the size dimensions are identified, you can organize your tools by function and how often they will be used. But if your tools don’t fit, it’s time to find a better space.


You can store your materials in everyday household items such as desks, baskets, tins, cabinets, even suitcases and buckets can be used to contain similar items. If you need a more customized approach, look at shelving and cabinets at stores such as Home Depot or Ikea. Adding shelves can instantly expand storage, but think about how you will keep those materials organized once the shelf goes in. Will it be color coded, alphabetized, labeled? These are some of the things a professional organizing coach can help complete.

Craft Room Before Organizing Coach

Craft room before Organizing Coach

Craft Room After Organizing Coach

Craft room after Organizing Coach







Personal style

Personal style is important because your hobby is a reflection of you and the way you interact with the world. It puts a spotlight on your interest and allows you to interpret that interest in whatever way you like. If you like seeing all your tools and supplies consider glass containers or see-through plastic bins. If you like textiles try canvas boxes or weaved baskets that are visually appealing and give the tactile pleasure you enjoy. If you prefer modern décor over vintage, choose items that reflect your preference.

A well-organized craft room allows you to concentrate on the activity, not on guessing where you left something or hunting to find the tool you need. You will create an optimal, focused experience that Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s calls flow. Don’t let clutter block your flow. Enjoy your creativity and totally engage with your craft in a space that works for you.

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