Feed Your Need for Control By Avoiding Organizing Mistakes

Organized spacesWe all need to feel a sense of control over our environment including our home or office. When these places get cluttered with too much junk a feeling of chaos and uncertainty occurs. A sense of control may be lost. An ability to produce may be hindered as well. Anxiety grows. You may find yourself asking: “Is there a better way?”

Congratulations, you’ve started on a path to find a solution and regain your sense of control. In my experience as a professional organizer people can get sidetracked from accomplishing their goals in a number of ways. Feed your need for control by avoiding these common organizing mistakes.

Buy more storage products
Storage products such as bins, file folders and boxes are great when you know what to fill them with and how. On their own, they may end up adding to your clutter.

Believe there is only one solution
When trying to regain a sense of control you may focus on one problem believing that there is only one solution to home organization. You may not understand the role rituals and choices play or how trust in others can help you meet your goals.

Focus on the big picture
Facing an entire room filled with clutter can be daunting. Starting small is the best way I have seen people regain their sense of control when organizing. It may be tackling one drawer or one cabinet. Believe me, the sense of accomplishment over these small areas is a motivator for moving on to bigger areas such as a closet or garage.

Inconsistent in approach
One day you put batteries on a basement shelf and the next time you purchase batteries you throw them in a kitchen drawer. Organizing is a process. To be effective and easy to execute a method is needed. One that makes sense to you. Consistency is one of the keys to being in control of clutter.

Don’t let these happen to you. If you recognize a problem and feel your sense of control lagging, get it back. Plan your organizing project as you would an event. Event planners often call on one advisor who will help them with multiple tasks. Your planner should be a professional organizer. He or she will get you on the right track quickly and provide the maps you need to stay in control. Once you get your sense of control back, you will feel happier and more secure at home or in the office.

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