The True Cost of A Disorganized Home

dollar_signThink about it. Stacks of bills scattered about the house; mail mixed in with newspapers; last minute shipping of gifts; delayed maintenance on your car or house – these are more than annoying inconveniences.  They are signs of a disorganized home that is costing you time and money.  We console ourselves with excuses. We’re too busy at work, or with the kids, to keep on top of things. Meanwhile, plenty of companies are willing to let you pay the price for your disorganized home.

Be honest. How many late fees have you paid this year?  Even one credit card bill can typically set you back $35.00.  But it’s not just credit card bills. There are hefty fees when payments are late on everything from phone bills to mortgages and student loans. Down the road, late or unpaid bills negatively impact your credit score. This affects the rate banks charge you for borrowing money for big ticket items such as cars and homes. For example, instead of paying less than 2% interest on a car loan, a buyer with poor credit might pay as much as 10% percent interest.

A disorganized home contains a lot of duplicates. You go out and buy what you need because it is easier than finding what you own. Clutter often leads to more clutter. Accumulate enough stuff and you may think you need a larger home. Your two-car garage is at capacity. That spare bedroom has become a storage room. But buying a larger home is going to add to your financial obligations considerably. In Arlington Heights, Ill. an average four-bedroom home costs $113,000 more than a three bedroom home.  That’s a lot to pay for a place to store your clutter.

In a disorganized home routine maintenance items are often neglected. This can lead to more expensive repairs down the road. A few cracks in the mortar on a chimney might cost a few hundred dollars to repair. Compare that to several thousand dollars for a complete chimney rebuild. Forgetting to take your car in to be serviced while still under warranty might result in a huge hit to the family budget.

A failure to plan for events you know about well in advance takes money out of your wallet and puts it into the hands of FedEx and UPS who are all to happy to get your gift there on time.

While we can’t always plan for healthcare expenses, scheduling a procedure at the end of the year after your deductible is met will be far less costly than one scheduled in January.

In addition to affecting your finances, disorganization can also negatively affect other aspects of your life. Kids may pay a price for living in a disorganized home. Are yours struggling in school and not completing their assignments on time? Experts often recommend a dedicated study space that is free of distractions.  Does your child know where he can put things that need your attention, without worrying that they will be lost?

When you no longer want to entertain friends in your home because you are embarrassed about the state of disarray, your social life and happiness may suffer. If you can’t find a place to share a family meal, you miss out on building important family memories.

There are many reasons why your home is disorganized. Perhaps you are holding onto things because they are a connection to a loved one lost. Perhaps you haven’t yet learned the skills you need to make it better. Maybe you have been struggling with health issues.

Whatever the reason, we’ll help you find the path to a more organized home, and a richer life. Start today.

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