Five Ways to Create Your Legacy in 2015

2015 LegacyThe new year is a great time to reflect back and to look ahead. As I make my resolutions on the dawn of 2015, I have been thinking about legacy. How will I be remembered by my loved ones? What memories of our time together will last? It seems that if I put this at the forefront of my thoughts, things fall into perspective. Our lives are often cluttered with excess. Meaningless activities can suck our time and energy. The ones we love are sometimes the last to get our time and attention. I challenge you to think about your legacy in five key areas of your life in 2015.

Legacy for your Home

Make your home a refuge from the world, a place that is comfortable and inviting for you as well as friends and family. Evaluate whether your home suits your needs as they are now. Is it taking up too much of your energy? Would you benefit from a smaller home and simpler lifestyle?

Legacy for your Work

Does your work stimulate you or is it draining you?  Is the clutter of paper, email and managing your time weighing you down? Small changes in your work life can bring benefits to all aspects of our lives.

Legacy for your Health

We can’t always control what is happening with our health, but we can take preventative measures by monitoring our diet and exercise. Our mental health also deserves attention. Take time to explore new interests, make new friends and do things that make your happy. Your health has a huge impact on those around you. Take care of yourself and create the life you want to live.

Legacy for your Family

Time and attention are the two most important commodities we have when it comes to our family. Make time to gather together and create memories. Listen to one another. Be present.

Legacy for Your Spirit

Do you feel a desire to become more connected to your spiritual self. Are you looking for more meaning in your life?  Don’t let day-to-day commitments and clutter stand in the way. Devote time to discovering your spiritual self. Give back to your community and discover the peace and satisfaction that it can bring.

At Organizing Coach Company we help people clear away the physical and emotional clutter that is keeping them from living the life they want. So every day, we help people shape their legacy. It is rewarding work that we feel blessed to do.

Here’s to creating the legacy you want in 2015.

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