Can Asking For Help be the Answer to Staying Organized?

Jane Carroo sorting You may think that asking for help with organizing makes you appear weak or vulnerable, but psychologists say asking for help can actually be a way to empowerment. What it tells others is that you are searching for answers. Successful people understand their strengths and weaknesses, and are willing to delegate when facing a challenge that has gotten the best of them. As a professional organizer I see this kind of empowerment happen all the time. Clients no longer have to pretend that they’ve got every corner covered or be fearful of other people’s judgment. They have help!

Clutter can block people from moving forward. I remember a mother who was moving to an assisted senior living community. She could not get through all the things she had accumulated.  Once she asked for help with organizing, the dilemma she had been facing for years was resolved with my assistance in one session!

Being able to resolve your organizing situation is a strength, not a weakness. When asking for help there may be a fear of judgment but there may also be a fear of success. Consider the positive outcome before hiring a Professional Organizer.

Clutter can be a buffer between the self and the outside world. I see this situation in homes where a family member has become ill or died. During the stages of grief family members want to hold onto stuff and that stuff stagnates. Due to emotions, they are still unable to clear the clutter even after years have passed.

If you feel like you are falling short in keeping your home or office organized, ask for help. A professional organizer can help you resolve the problems clutter causes. We are trained to do so with courtesy and without judgment.  Avoiding or stalling to make such a decision will allow the problem to grow. Know when it’s time to delegate. Empower yourself.

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