Six Eco-Friendly Home Organizing Ideas

moonriverintAnyone who has seen the planet Earth from a satellite photo knows we occupy a finite space in the universe. Inside our own homes we understand the space we occupy is also finite. This is true whether you live in a grand home or a modest one. Here are six eco-friendly home organizing ideas that can help you manage your space well while protecting our finite resources.


Sort and contain all your items within a parameter of space. If this seems impossible, you may have too many items. Re-purpose containers from things you already have. Shoeboxes and tin cans can help you organize and contain objects you own. Keep an eye out for what comes into your house including egg cartons, boxes, cans, jars and bags. With a little clean up, fabric and glue they can hold jewelry, pens, keys and other items. Use paper towel holders to string lights or cords.


This does not need to be complicated. Put appropriate sized recycle bins under your desk, in your kitchen and outdoors. Donate clothing, jackets and other gently used items to non-profits so that others can use them.


Furniture, utensils and other items may be made for a certain purpose but with a little creativity that purpose can be multiplied. For example, suitcases can be used as coffee tables or for storing blankets and sweaters. You can make art with ties, scarves, or magazine covers when they are mounted on a wall with a single wire. That silverware divider tray can be used in other drawers. Ladders can make unique shelves in a den or pot storage in a kitchen. A pegboard may be used for hanging tools in the garage but string a few bungee cords across the width and it becomes a magazine rack. Wood boxes can make great filing cabinets. Filing cabinets can become legs for a desk.

Create New Space

Beside the bed, over the door or under the sink are areas where you can create new space by organizing it wisely. Drape hanging organizers on the door and doorknobs. Hang baskets or jewelry from towel bars. Position chairs or filing cabinets as nightstands. Room dividers create niche spaces for kids, hobbies or work. Shelving in the corner of a room adds extra dimension and space. Mount screens on the wall. In drawers, fold clothes in a consistent manner to keep them organized within and not overflowing.

Select Finishes & Materials

Bamboo, natural stone, wood floors are popular, sturdy and low-maintenance eco-friendly finishes. Cork walls and glass stacking containers in the kitchen can help keep you organized. Magnetic strips will keep like items together. Color can serve to co-ordinate like items in any room.

Invest in Multi-Use Furniture

Accordion drying racks, fold out sofas, coffee tables, chests, ottomans and dining tables can all serve multiple functions. These are items you can hold onto for a long time that will serve you well. There are lots of resale shops with beautiful multi-use furniture items ready for a second life.

These home-organizing ideas can help you move from an eco-friendly state of mind to an eco-friendly way of living.

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