Organize Your Clutter for Creative Freedom

Art studioOne of my very first clients was an art teacher with a studio that she couldn’t walk into. She was not a hoarder, just someone who let clutter overtake her workspace. The objective was to transform her space back into an art studio where she could paint. Crafters often want to create when they get inspired. So finding what they need at a moment’s notice is important to them. Writers may keep piles of paper and books nearby for easy reference. When I walk into any creative person’s work space, it is usually in some kind of disarray. And you know what? That messiness may actually be boosting their creativity according to recent research.

Different studies show that a messy workspace generates more creative thinking than a neat one. I was surprised. Is the work we do at Organizing Coach Company a bane to creativity?  The answer is no and I can tell you why. We are not in the business of creating cookie cutter spaces. We find out what processes take place in the space. What the occupier uses everyday. What they like and dislike about their space.

Any creative person will tell you that when they create they apply or originate a structure that their form of expression depends on. When they call us, they are most often looking for some structure that makes their workspace function better. We are not a cleanup crew. Those beloved paint tubes, balls of yarn, cut out pictures and piles of paper have a place where they can be easily found and within eyesight when needed. What I did for that art teacher long ago was organize her space so that she could have the creative freedom she needed.

Another recent discovery about creativity is the role of sound. Silence, studies suggest, is not conducive to creative thinking. People in rooms with ambient sound generated more creative thoughts than those in rooms with no sound at all. We can’t supply ambient sound, but we may suggest it for our clients who are seeking the best possible environment for their creative talents.

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