Single Woman’s Guide To Home Organization

Organized living space by Organizing Coach CompanyAccording to research from real estate brokerage Redfin, single women between ages 45 to 54 were the fastest growing segment of homeowners.  The numbers reflect a 120 percent increase over the last three decades. The next fastest growing homeowner segment is single women ages 55-64.  When it comes to home organization, single women face challenges as well as advantages.

Here are some guidelines to help you create the space you want and deserve.

Protect your investment

You’ve made an investment when purchasing a home so protect its value with regular upkeep.  Don’t let problems pile up. If you can’t make repairs yourself hire someone to do it for you. Keep a list of reliable, reasonably priced maintenance and repair people.

Be accountable

While owning a home does provide privacy, you are still accountable for keeping it pleasant and efficient. If you are living by yourself you may take an attitude of doing whatever you want, but the result may be less than what you want for your living environment. Establish an organizing routine that includes scanning for out of place or unused items. It may help to write down organizing activities you will perform daily, weekly and monthly.

Mind your emotions

Like many women, single women may let emotions get in the way of completing organization tasks. Stuff starts to pile up without you noticing. You may be tending to children, your job, and friends before tending to your space. Your home can be a sanctuary that lifts personal energy rather than depletes it. If you’ve accumulated too much stuff, ask a friend or professional organizer to help you go through it in a methodical, practical way.

Review your clutter spots

We are creatures of habit. If you remember every time to put things back where they belong it becomes a routine that doesn’t require much conscious effort at all. Some of the clutter spots you want to watch are closets, entryways and drawers.  Be deliberate about what these areas hold. Watch for overflow and take the necessary steps to not overburden them and yourself.

Create your own lifestyle

As a single person you have control over the environment in which you now live (even with kids – okay, kids over 6 years old). You may have been raised in a cluttered home. You may think home organization is too hard. But the decision is up to you. Do you need exercise equipment at home or would a gym membership be a better option? Do you really need all those clothes? By making carefully considered home organization decisions you can create the lifestyle you want.

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