5-Minutes a Day Organizing Tips for Career Women

briefwomnCareer women need to manage their work, family and personal life effectively in order to thrive.  They may measure success through productivity, achievement, joy, or economics. Either way, a sub-skill of management is organization.  Pivotal organization times for career women come when they “launch” in the morning and when they “land” in the evening. Here are some ways to organize that time better in just five minutes each day.

Morning launch

Do not procrastinate. Procrastination creates a crazy mad dash in the morning that causes stress for everyone in the house. Preplanning the night before will eliminate this “running late” scenario. Get a jump ahead the night before. Gather whatever you will need in a bag that is ready to go.

Create a routine for your spouse and children so they understand and are comfortable with how to launch each day. Family members can choose and set clothes out the night before. Briefcases and backpacks with homework inside have a designated spot so they won’t have to search in the morning for what they need that day. A weekly breakfast menu posted in the kitchen eliminates “What’s for breakfast?” questions and allows family members to make their own. A successful morning launch sets the tone for a career woman’s day. Preplanning makes a difference.

Evening landing

Rather than dumping mail, keys and whatever else you’ve collected during the day on the nearest counter or shelf, create a designated space for such items. Doing so will eliminate piles of junk around the house and needless searching.

Take time when you “land” to get situated. Put keys and stuff away and then change clothes. Calm down and get centered being at home. This is a routine other family members will agree to when they see the difference it makes for you. This ritual of breathing space may apply to all family members when they arrive home as well. Carve out a few minutes for settling back into home base.

How a career woman launches and lands each day is critical to successful organization and management. Taking just minutes a day for organizing during these times will help you get through the day with your well being intact.

If you want to know more about how this could work at your house, Organizing Coach Comnpany is glad to help.

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