A Majority of Boomers Plan to Move … But are they Ready?

Baby Boomers MovingFor nearly 10,000 baby boomers a day who will be retiring over the next 17 years, there are a multitude of decisions to be made.  When should I retire? How should I file for social security? How will I pay for healthcare? These are questions that need to be answered, along with one more … Should I move?  

In a recently released study from Better Homes and Gardens, 57% of baby boomers plan to move out of their current homes in retirement. Moving in retirement can often mean savings on taxes and lower maintenance costs as well as potential income tax savings if moving to a more tax-friendly state. But even if staying in place, many retirees may find their current home no longer suits their lifestyle.

Over many years we accumulate a lot of stuff, and moving requires us to do something with it. If you don’t have good systems in place for reviewing everything, the thought of transitioning can become paralyzing.

If possible, I advise clients to start thinking about paring down well before a physical move. This can give them peace of mind and a sense of freedom to enjoy the next stage in their life.

Whether moving or staying in place, paring down helps boomers mentally prepare for their retirement. Unfortunately many families don’t get a head start on this and are left scrambling when a health issue makes their current home unsuitable for their needs. As a professional organizer, I work with clients to help them decide what stays and what goes. I help them find a place for the things they treasure and help them find new homes for the things they no longer need.

Some clients want to preserve the family’s legacy, while others simply want to move on. Either direction is fine, but it has been my experience that most children aren’t interested in being handed down a lot of their parents’ possessions. You can start today with a simple conversation with your family.  Our moving checklist can help you organize the whole process.

One thing is clear; as boomers enter retirement they have a lot on their plates. A professional organizer can help them make room for the journey to begin.

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