Taming March Madness – How to Use Lists for Organizing

yourlistInstead of watching 1,000 hours of basketball games or running around trying to get ready for spring in March, take a few minutes to organize your life by using lists. Write down tasks and dedicate 10 minutes a day to help you tame March madness and cure spring fever. Lists allow you to use your time wisely. Below are suggestions on when, where and how to use lists.

Change of Seasons List

Create a list for the change of seasons. On it are the tasks that need to be done consistently year after year. Here is an example of what your seasonal winter-to-spring list might look like:

– Exchange winter coats for spring jackets
– Store snow boots, winter hats, gloves
– Swap seasonal clothes
– Replace heavy fabric linens with lighter, e.g., tablecloths
– Change out seasonal decorations, box and label
– Store snow shovels

Choose a place for storing your items and keep like items together.

Monthly Bills List

Knowing where your hard earned money is going (and when) brings you peace of mind, keeps you out of debt and saves you money by not having to pay extra for late fees.

Put your expenses into broad categories such as mortgage, utilities and then whittle it down to smaller items.

Identify what’s essential and what is non-essential. Make two columns.

If you need to spend less, devise a marking method that brings your awareness to non-essential items. This might be adding a star next to items you can do without.

Grocery List

It is well documented that entering a grocery store with a list will curb excess impulse buying. Saving money is important but saving time is also a benefit of a grocery list. No more wandering the aisles. Whether it is weekly shopping or preparing for a dinner party, a grocery list will save you time and money. Here are some suggestions.

– List your main meals for each day of the week: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.
– Identify what items you need to make each meal complete and include drinks.
– Add toiletries, cleaning products and other items you may need.

Easy Ways to Create Lists

The paper list can be convenient and is perhaps the easiest way to make your lists but it does require a sheet of paper or notepad and a pencil.

Mobile Phone
Make your lists using the Notes app or download a list app. The convenience of carrying your list on your phone allows you to save time by not having to repeat already listed items. You can add items whenever you think of them. There are apps available for many different kinds of lists.

Online list sites can help you organize by using your past preferences and buying habits. You can type in an item and these sites will convert it to the type of brand, quantity and size you prefer. You can even get the probable aisle for where it belongs. They can find you “best” deals for the store where you shop.  Paying bills online is also a big time saver.

If you buy the same things over and over again you can streamline your list using a spreadsheet template such as the ones offered by Excel or a Word document. You can create a simple list of items, a monthly planner, items by brand name and more.

Don’t let March madness get the best of you. Stay organized. Become a subscriber on Organizing Coach Company’s website to get more Helpful Tips on organizing each month. Use it as your personal resource for staying organized. Also check out our Seasonal Plan to get the customized service you want when you want it.

How do you use lists for organizing your time, money or space?

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