Forget Expansion or Moving. Use a Professional Organizer to Create Space

Professional_Organizers_Create_Space_in_Family_RoomWhen a family believes they have outgrown their current home, often their first thought is remodeling or moving. They forget to consider a far less expensive option: professional organizing. Before you go through the expense and hassle of a remodel or move, consider the solutions of a professional organizer.

A professional organizer gets to the root of the problem, identifies the source of your clutter, and discovers what you really need to be happy in your home. Sometimes when you think you want more space, what you are really craving is a simpler life, and room to breathe. More space won’t necessarily give you that.  In fact, without addressing the reasons for your clutter, you may quickly be in the same situation in a bigger space. More space may actually mean more clutter down the road.

As a professional organizer and life coach, I challenge clients to examine why they hold onto stuff, but ultimately each client decides what stays and what goes. I then help you re-imagine your space, recovering square footage that is currently lost storing items you really don’t need and want. Here’s how we do it:

1. We help you declutter.

When things don’t have a place to “live” they get in our way, causing stress and anxiety.  Ask yourself if a bigger space is really the answer. Often a larger space only attracts more stuff. What you may really need to do is pare down, and create a place for everything you want to keep.

2. We help you get more out of the space you have.

There are many ways to make the square footage you have work harder. Let’s start with storage, since that’s a huge complaint for many families. Vertical space is often overlooked and can provide great storage. Instead of a single cabinet, consider an entire wall of floor to ceiling cabinets. Also look for furniture that includes storage—a coffee table with baskets underneath, an ottoman that can store extra blankets or books, or banquet seating with storage beneath the seats.

Are you missing a badly needed dining room, office or bedroom?  A professional organizer can show you how to repurpose a space with multifunctional furniture. A coffee table can rise up and fold out to become a dining table. A Murphy bed folds away when not in use, and a closet can be converted to an office. Professional organizers re-think and reorganize to meet your family’s needs.

3. We design organizing systems that last.

It’s not enough to organize a space one time and close the door. We develop an organizing system that suits your style, so you can easily find a place for everything you own. What’s overtaking your home? Is it unfinished projects, clothing, sports equipment, or memorabilia?

Before you even think about remodeling or moving to a bigger home, remember that a bigger home is also more costly to operate. That usually means larger heating and electric bills, more time spent on landscaping, cleaning and decorating. More space does not equal more freedom. The cost of space adds up.

The time to take action is now. With a little reorganization, you may be able to love your home again.


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