10 Simplesizing Resolutions for 2014

Simplesizing Resolutions for 2014Certified Professional Organizer Jane Carroo offers “10 Simplesizing Resolutions for 2014″ that will get to the heart of why your life feels cluttered and unorganized

The start of the New Year is a great time to assess how life is going. Getting more organized is typically one of the Top 10 resolutions for Americans. “We get all pumped up, run out and buy a bunch of storage solutions, and then wonder why six months down the road, our house or closet looks as cluttered as ever,” says Professional Organizer Jane Carroo.

Carroo is encouraging people to try a different approach this year. She calls it Simplesizing.  “It’s about applying organizing principles to our lives, not just our stuff,” says Carroo. The first resolution is to create clarity about what it is that we want from our lives, from a professional standpoint as well as a personal standpoint. “If you don’t have clarity about what you want, everything becomes more difficult,” says Carroo.

The second resolution is to take stock of where you are. “I ask people to evaluate where they are, and then ask them to identify what they truly want.  It becomes very easy to see where they should put their focus for the New Year.”

Carroo believes clients should be resolved to clear away what isn’t needed in their lives. “Assessing what we have vs. what we truly need, we free ourselves emotionally to clear the clutter.”

In the past year, Carroo has been welcomed by community and business groups to speak about Simplesizing. She combines her experience as an educator, life coach, certified professional organizer and move manager to help clients gain clarity and control over their space, paper and time.

About Jane Carroo

Jane Carroo is a recognized organizing expert and owner of Organizing Coach Company, which she founded in 2004.  An inspiring author, Jane has been featured on NBC, the CBS Early Show and many print and online publications.

 About Simplesizing®

Simplesizing® is a Do-it-Yourself organizing program focused on how to simplesize, or simplify your home, work, or life.  The Simplesizing program takes you through six steps that will help you gain clarity, prioritize and plan to achieve the life you want.


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