Professional Organizers Can Increase Office Productivity

Professional organizer Jane Carroo helps boost office productivityIf your workflow is clogged by clutter you are not alone. Nearly half (43%) of American workers describe themselves as disorganized. Office productivity can increase greatly when the chaos is channeled into a structured work environment. Think about it. Clutter causes workers to miss crucial deadlines, stay late at work, and lose focus on tasks that need to be completed. With 30% of workers’ time being spent looking for lost documents, the need to improve office organization is apparent. Surveys show that clutter can have a real impact on a company’s bottom line – a productive office is an organized office.

No one knows this better than Barbara, office manager at a logistics company. Where she works few people follow any kind of structure. She wonders at times how anything gets done. File folders are found in the cafeteria, on the receptionist’s desk, even in the washrooms. She says “open concept” may work for some companies, but not hers. She wants shelves to store catalogs rather than having them stuffed in an individual’s desk drawers. Meetings go on much too long or are cut short because half of the people have come unprepared or can’t find what they were supposed to deliver. It was when they moved into another building that Barbara suggested calling a professional organizer to help them get set up the right way.

Being an objective observer, the professional organizer can spot problems that are overlooked by workers who have developed routines. The organizer will assess how the work effort is supposed to flow and then provide custom solutions.

Finding Files and Data

An organizer can help create paper or electronic filing systems and train workers on how to consistently use it. The organizer will make suggestions on how to save time and increase productivity by managing desktop paper and emails.  Also, the organizer can identify how best to use and divide space so workers won’t be distracted, stressed, or overwhelmed. Barbara learned that strategically placing wastebaskets and shelves can keep communal surfaces clear.

Offering methods for prioritizing work tasks daily and weekly takes the guesswork out of what’s next? Workers learn when and where to begin, saving time that might otherwise be spent frantically looking for the right file or surfing the Internet for a resource they’ve forgotten.

Every space has a purpose. In an office it’s important to know how space will be used so the people in it will function well. Everyone feels better after having a productive day at work. A professional organizer can show you how to improve office productivity.

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