Rules for Organizing Small Spaces

college girls with borderSmall spaces can be challenging, especially if you are not accustomed to living in them.  This time of year a lot of students leave home to live in a space that is half the size of their current bedroom.  In it they want to fit their entire wardrobe, books, computers, toiletries, linens, mini-fridge and perhaps a microwave.

While there are some great storage solutions to help you organize a small space, the simple truth is that you will only make life more difficult if you try to put too much in a space.  If you follow no other advice follow rule No. 1.

Rule No. 1: Pare down

When it comes to clothes, only keep in close proximity the clothes you will actually be wearing this season. Other items should be stored elsewhere and be rotated in when you need them. Be selective about what stays. When organizing your closet, think of what type of storage you need. Do you need more space for hanging items or more space for folded items. You can create more hanging space with a double rod. If you need more flat storage, hanging storage bins can make effective use of the vertical space.

Rule No. 2: Use multifunctional furniture

For furniture, acquire pieces that are multifunctional. Ottomans can work as both seating and storage. A trunk used to store bulky items can do double duty as a table.

Rule No. 3: Go vertical

Shelves can take your storage space all the way to the ceiling, keeping surfaces less cluttered. Stackable storage bins work great and don’t require any special tools or hardware to install. They are perfect for the college student.

Rule No. 4: Don’t buy anything until you know what you need

When people resolve themselves to get organized they often run out looking for storage solutions. It’s easier than doing the dirty work; getting rid of what they don’t need or want. Too much stuff is often at the root of the problem. Instead, wait until you know exactly what you want to keep and then find the storage solution to fit.

Embrace the small space

People today are finding more reasons to like their small spaces. Here’s what is driving the trend:

It’s economical. There is less area to heat and cool, and the cost will be lower, all other factors equal.

It’s greener. A small place uses less natural resources than a large one.

It’s easier. The less space you have, the less time you need to maintain it.

Small rules.

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