Professional Organizers Help Turn Your Clutter into Cash

Sell_Your_ClutterIf you are overwhelmed by clutter and feeling stuck, you may need another motivator. How about cold, hard cash? Working with a professional organizer, decisions to move forward are easier than facing the task alone.  Get rid of items you don’t need.  Sell them for cash to make the effort well worth it.

There may be value hidden in clutter, and not only from everyday items. Imagine my surprise when one day a client discovered a medal awarded by the King of Norway!

When it comes to turning clutter into cash, garage sales are no longer the only option. Online auction sites have created a whole new way to find buyers for the things you no longer want or need. In 2012, millions of buyers and sellers on E-Bay accounted for $175 billion worth of transactions. Craigslist can be used to help find a wider audience for your goods within your local market area.

Others sites such as purchase old cell phones, iPads, and computers direct from consumers. pays cash for selling like-new used clothing. You can also take items to a local consignment shop.

As a professional organizer I will work with you to help you sort your clutter into several categories: items that will be sold, items that will be donated, items that will be kept, and items than will be tossed.

Once items are sorted, we help you move on to the next step: where you might sell your hidden treasures , where to take donations or where you can recycle items.

Reward your hard work by using your cash to take a nice vacation, add to your retirement savings, or enjoy a night out on the town.

You might be surprised at what it’s all worth. Clients have told me they netted thousands of dollars. However, it’s never worth more than the joy of living clutter free.

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